Yoga tends to Make Your Skin Wrinkle Free


Growing old is just like piece of time. You see it, you feel it; but you cannot make it stop, not even bya second. With the growing age, the very first problem that is usually faced by everyone is having wrinkles on the skin. Day by day, they get prominent and permanent. In this modern world of tension and depression, this is observed that people are facing this problem of having wrinkles even in the mid-40s as well and sometimes ladies start getting wrinkles on their faces in late 30s.First let’s see what actually wrinkles are?

Wrinkles are actually folds in the skin that occur over time, and they occur with more frequency as we get older. The two proteins that are majorly found in our skin, Elastin and Collagen, are responsible for the smooth feel to younger skin. As we age, our body starts becoming internally weak and its ability to produce these proteins slows down, causing wrinkles. There are many factors that cause the skin to depress into wrinkles. Now, the question arises in our mind that how to get rid of these horrible lines and wrinkles?

There are many ways to get rid of wrinkles but the best way to make your skin wrinkle free is to take help from yoga poses. If you desire to have clear and fresh skin that go beyond cleansing and moisturizing, better to add yoga to your day by day schedule. It has been experienced that yoga postures won’t just improve you look and give you a gleaming skin rather in addition to that these postures make you feel energized and revived as well.


If you are a beginner, start with hastapadotasana or standing forward bend. This forward bending can helps the blood flow to the face nourishing it and giving it an attractive blaze. Make sure to stay in this pose for as long as you can.

The Ideal Yogit Facial Massage

Have you ever heard of the term yoga yogit facial massage?No?Still you don’t need to panic, as we are here to tell you everything. This is the perfect and suitable type of yoga pose to fight aging and its symptoms. Yogit is a method that will make you overlook all your costly skin medications. Yogit animates the facial nerves to crown your with a delightful energetic sparkle. Other than this yogit helps you get relaxed and decrease stress which is one of the major causes of facial wrinkles.

  1. Rub your brow delicately yet solidly utilizing your fingers beginning from the inside to the temple of your forehead.
  2. Squeeze your eye temples tenderly along the length for 3 to 4 times.
  3. Rub around your eyes in roundabout movement this will help with wrinkles that show up at the sides of your eyes.
  4. Doing some tender outward strokes knead your cheeks.
  5. Position your face to look upwards toward the roof then back rub the neck. The vast majority disregard the neck in numerous excellence administrations. Yogit helps you get a full wonder bundle. Try not to utilize or rub oil.

The giraffe

Looking straight ahead, spot the fingertips at the base of the neck and daintily stroke the skin downwards with the head tilted back.

Convey the head down to the mid-section and rehash twice more.

At last, extend the lower lip out beyond what many would consider possible to pull the sides of the mouth down and put fingertips on the collarbone with the button pointed upwards. Hold for four full breaths.


You must also perform anti-ageing yoga poses like setubandhasana toprevent wrinkles. It relaxes your face and head muscles and is easy to practice.And yet serves the purpose of nourishing your skin and giving it a blazing look.


You can easily and effectively improve blood circulation in your face with the inverted poses like or headstand. Perform this five times a day for that radiant looking skin.This pose is useful in giving your face ashiny appearance by reversing the blood circulation throughout the body. Doing this regularly helps keep your skin wrinkle-free.

Do not forget to try these effective and easy yoga poses to make your skin fresh, glowing and wrinkles free. Try these useful tips and earn a fresh younger face look.