About Us

About-US-DashboardPKWho We Are?

Building this blog on sheer innovation, our focus is to cater to the needs of this modern world and provide Pakistanis with the ultimate media platform that updates them with all the latest happenings in the worlds of news, technology, fashion, entertainment, business and much more! With new businesses popping up everyday in Pakistan, and our local industries thriving, we will give you detailed product reviews that will allow you to test the local waters as well.


“To be a news agency worth a dedicated following, that embodies the role of an ideal media outlet, that keeps the audience up to date with all the recents occurrences and advancements.”


“To achieve success while providing the best of services in terms of media and news, so as to be a landmark in the field of online media platforms.”


“We appreciate dedication, we believe in devotion to a certain cause. We encourage free thinkers and diverse mindsets, and are a team that embraces the extraordinary and the unconventional.”

Our story

With the world advancing into an era of technology that will last for many millennia, we believe that it is a necessity of the present time to build a blog that helps speed up the technological revolution in Pakistan. We wish to be at the forefront of change, and create a space which is not only easily accessible but also allows for different realms of information to collide. Letting the mind of an average Pakistani evolve as it becomes accustomed to new tech, we wish to provide everything from installation guides to info about the best smartphones in the market, to cater to the needs of Pakistanis. The aim of this blog is to accommodate the demands of an average Pakistani, and equip him/her with information from the fields of fashion, entertainment, technology, and business.

Work with us

We wish to expand and distribute our roots as this blog evolves into one of the most outstanding media outlets in Pakistan. We are hunting for freelance content writers, that will not only become a part of this team, but also a part of our family, to enhance, promote and acknowledge our blog. People with the ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary are assets that we welcome into our team. Editors with the experience to guide, the patience to persevere, and the ability to see the bright side in the worst of situations, will be our priority. If you are someone with original ideas, and the capability to transform them into compelling words, pictures or videos, come work with us!