Technology and Its Effect on Human Development


This is true that we are living in an era, where technology has greatly influenced our lifestyle. In short, human development and technology cannot be separated. The modern world and its individuals are relying on technology to fulfil their daily life needs and tasks. We use technology to travel, to interact with each other, to learn new things, to flourish our business and to live a lavish and comfortable life. However, technology has also become the reason of different problems. It became the reason of pollution of the environment that has caused deadly diseases in our lives and serious threat to the society. Obviously, things give us benefits also have drawbacks in them. The serious challenge facing an individual is to define the type of future we have and then go for the technologies that can make our lives easy and comfortable.

All of us know that use of mobile phone has been increased nowadays. In fact, our hectic daily life routine forced us to utilize this gadget to communicate with each other. We can search about different things by using the Smartphones easily. However, it also made us lazy and cold blooded for our relations because we hardly get time for our loved ones. Technology affect the human development in a sense that the majority of youngsters used to waste their time in using phones, instead of reading books, newspaper or something informational. We don’t have time to spend it with our family and friends just because of these latest machines that made our lives like robots.

It would not be wrong to say that technological advancements have facilitated companies, organizations and entrepreneurs in different ways. The best example of technological advancement is 3G and 4G, like by using internet everywhere you can easily communicate with your clients, customers and colleagues. In the past, only biggest organizations and businesses use to have media marketing strategies, but in the modern era; it’s become so easy to promote your business by using different social platforms on the internet. A recent survey has shown that use of internet marketing become quite popular in the field of business that has somehow affect paper industry. We are prone to use the internet more than reading the information given on a piece of paper.

The last but not the least; the effects of technology are negative as well as positive. No doubt, a lot of facilities we are enjoying nowadays is the gift of technology. It has improved our lifestyle, health care, education system and much more. On the other hand, technology has become the reason of various health risks, laziness and less innovation in our life. Human development has affected in a sense that we use to rely on machines, instead of doing it by putting our own efforts. We use computers instead of our mental power that is also a great loss. It has greatly affected the Ozone layers that become the reason of global warming. Moreover, we are depending on advance tools to complete our tasks. When it comes to education, students are relying on calculators to solve their simple problems.