Top 8 Hair Color brands in Pakistan

Hair Color brands in Pakistan

In Pakistan, hair coloring was and still is a trend. For appearance issues, both men and women dye their hair. Some users love a color like dark hair and others choose light shades, however, there were very few options and colors for coloring hair when we talk about good old days. However, with the passing of time, a great many hair coloring items and products have launched in the marketplace. Such products contain synthetic substances which change the hair’s shades. However, a lot of hair damage is caused due to these synthetic materials. Thus it is always safer to choose the product, which includes less hair and provides more resistance and color to the lovely hair. 

In Pakistan, there may be another class of people who frequently have to color their hair. Both Pakistani women and men are very concerned about the early appearance of white hairs that make them older than their ages. They therefore are always looking for a successful color brand that no longer damages their hair. Many well-known products are marketed, providing high quality hair colors. I, in this article, have mentioned some of the popular hair color products that can be commonly obtained in Pakistan.

1. Revlon

Revlon was founded as a US-based corporation in 1932. It is a cosmetics company that sells its goods internationally. Haircare items in Pakistan are commonly used in Revlon. They deliver a wide variety of colors with outstanding results ratings. The consumers are completely pleased with their easy-to-use and hair-controlled color products. Revlon offers its clients a fashionable color to refresh their important clients every year.

2. Olivia

Olivia is manufactured in Pakistan and it is inexpensive in comparison with other foreign brands. Its hair color products do not have sodium Lauryl  that harms the hair, so it will not affect the hair texture. Olivia have 50 shades available on its shade cards it mostly aims Pakistani males and females who want to see the natural colors such as brown and black. Even with the brush in the box, you can apply it easily to the comfort of your home. 

3. Keune

Keune is Pakistan’s leading hair coloring brand. It is used in many Pakistani beauty salons. The Advance formula of Keune hair color adds shine to your hair. Keune has maintained a great reputation, skilled in high-quality, qualified hair care products globally for the cosmetics industry. Keune also add Care Critical Mineral Complex to its products with the good quality hair color series that nurture the scalp to encourage healthy hair.

4. Black Rose

The Black Rose brand is among the most popular, globally famous and renowned hair colors. In the early years of the 2000’s in Pakistan, people began to use this brand and were quite pleased with its impressive results. Many old women in Pakistan still like this company’s shades because it has been well suited for its rich consistency, smooth color application. While a hair-coloring company lacks a multiple shade range, it has still built a reputation for excellence and quality.

5. Dupas

The popular “Dupas” is another globally renowned hair company. This brand frequently supplies the excellent hair-colors and other beauty items. The inclusion of special hair oils and Aloe-Vera gel in their formulations, which boost consistency and strengthen quality of the whole formula, is one of the distinguishing features of the Dupas from other colored hair brands. 65 lovely, fantastic hair shades are offered by this company that please customers to their very best.

6. Wella

Wella is the German hair care organization that manufactures quality items for hair care, grooming and dyeing. The company has been working with its outstanding goods since 1880. Their coloring products of the best standard deliver an exceptional look with no hair damage. Many experts in Pakistan use it to please their customers with high quality products of Wella. Their goods are used in many other countries as well as in Pakistan.

7. Vatika

Vatika henna hair colors offer hundred percent ammonia free super high colors which preserves your hairs from harm. It is best dye to cover your hair’s dull gray colors to offer bright colour. In Pakistan Vatika colors are rarely available on the market, but can be purchased in Pakistan from online shops. They offer a variety of colors that gives your hair extra beauty without harm. 

8. Dikson

Dikson is among the most used hair-color  brands. They offers a wide variety of colors and series of products. The color cream in Dickson drop quite often gets excellent feedback. Dickson hair color can be purchased from any shop and placed online via Pakistani purchasing sites such as, daraz or I shopping. The price range of their individual products is not very high. 

Above mentioned were Pakistan’s top 10 best hair color brand names, which are very easily found in all Pakistani shops. You should not forget to contact your healthcare provider first when you are looking for one of them, because the hair color contains substances that may be harmful to your hair when suffering from any hair disorder.