Safety Tips to Remember in Online Buying – Advantages & Disadvantage

Safety Tips to Remember in Online Buying

If you are buying online first time then, there are some things that you need to know before about online market and shopping online.

E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce is the process of purchasing or selling and, providing services online over the internet. It is one of the fastest growing industry that has potential in success.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping is buying anything online. It is one of the most convenient option for buying. Nowadays people prefer buying online over traditional shopping and there are a lot of advantages of shopping online.

Advantages of Online Shopping

1. Comfort

The first and foremost benefit that we usually find is convenience. There are certain factor including busy schedule/ tiredness after returning to office / handicapped can’t go out often/ housewives can’t go out leaving their toddlers which allows us to do online shopping. Through this we can get everything at our doorstep. From freshly cooked food to electronic items. Everything you can get at your step. A very hassle free life without wasting time.

2. Don’t Get Out of Budget

When buying online you can easily see or searched your desired products and add into the bucket list. Prices already mentioned on the products also you also get total price before checkout. It helps to budget the buying groceries accordingly. There is also a facility of delete the items from your shopping cart according to your budget and your preferred items.

You can also get the chance to compare two or more products of different brands to choose the preferred, cheap product according to your requirement.

There are also chances to avail discounts or promo code in online shopping. Hence, it helps you save your time and money at the same time.

3. Saves from Unnecessarily Buying

When you go to the super markets you got attracted by glitzy product and tempting promotions. You easily got caught by these and goes out of budget. Instinctively shopping from traditional stores wastes money and have no use. Whereas, Online shopping helps you to choose only the desired or important ones. Through you can restrict your bills and manage your budget.

4. Saves Time and Money

One of the biggest advantage of buying online it saves your time. We have busy schedule to go for shopping so, it is convenient to shop online. Also, it saves a lot more time from traffic, queuing and even getting ready to go out. You can buy anything online from grocery to electronic items. So, it’s better to do online shopping.

5. Fresh Food Delivery

From traditional stores you can buy grocery or eatables for 1 week because they can’t be stay fresh for long. And, if you buy online you can get fresh food delivered regularly without going out. Online stores assure quality and check control to provide the fresh items through they get good ratings and reviews and off course more customers.

Online buying and selling is getting bigger and bigger these days. But as we are taking too many advantages from online shopping. There are some more disadvantages of buying online. Let’s discuss the disadvantages of online buying.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping

1. Extra Deliver Charges

The number one disadvantage you get in online shopping is you have to pay the extra charges if you want the product at your door’s step. That is delivery charges.

2. Delivery Charges Variation

When delivery charges are fixed then the price of product is bit higher than usual.

At some places delivery charges vary from area to area.

Some time delivery charges depend on the product value or product weight. If you are purchasing Internationally then you have to pay the duty charges. So, you can’t predict the delivery charges in these cases.

Mostly retailers outsource their deliveries to the courier services.

3. Order Misplaced

Sometimes your orders got misplaced by the courier companies or retailer. Or sometimes they failed to provide you all the products at the same day. This quite hassle because then you have to report to the store and in return you want your money back or you have to purchase any other item.

4. Long Form Submissions

There are some online stores that have strong security system. Strong security system usually required too many info to proceed. Ordering a single product and filling a form is quite hassle for the consumer.

5. Security + Scam Issues

Most common and one of the scariest problem usually consumers faced is security and scam issues.  There are some scammers that take your money but never provide you the products that they have promised or delivered low quality product.

If you are buying from credit card or debit-card, then there is chances to leak your personal details. But, don’t worry, there are some ways through you buy safely.

Safety Tips to Remember in Online Buying

Online shopping gives us a privilege to buy anything at home without going out and delivered at your door set. But there are a lot people who hesitates to purchasing online because of scam and fraud.

                        Here are safety tips to remember in online buying.

Ratings and Reviews

There is some online shopping store like Amazon or Alibaba express which has multiple small multiple stores or retailers.

So, if you are buying online through them then, check their reviews and comments and decide accordingly. Most customer gives rating after receiving their product. If rating is low, then there is more chances of fraud or scam. Choose the 5star rating product then there is likely chances to get original product.

Buying through Mobile

It is not necessary to buy through website. You buy mobile apps. According Pc Mag Author buying online through app is the safest way to purchase online. But remember to check the rating before buying.

  Sign in with secure account

Most of the online shopping stores have requirements to sign up first. If you are making an account on their website, make sure to create secure account with strong password. Password manager can help you to create password that can’t be cracked. Also, do not share your account details to anyone.

Policy to return and Exchange

Some people are afraid to shop online. For the safety measures to shop online is to check their return and exchange policy. If you get product broken, defective and suitable for you then you should have option to return or exchange it by the store.

Use the Secure URL

There are some online stores which are also not secure. Always choose the correct and secure URL for online buying. Do not buy anything from the website whose URL is starting from http because it is not secure. Open only that website which starts from https with pad lock symbol. It indicates that the site is secure and kept the date protected.

Prefer Discounts or Promo codes

A huge benefit of buying online is promo codes or discounts. Online stores usually offer their customer discount codes and promo codes to avail their offer sending through promotion emails. Always check before buying that you have any discount code or promo code to avail.

Don’t get trapped by pricing

Most people get trapped by pricing mentioned on the products then they bear loss. Scammers usually trap people through the bundle offer or extremely low price ranges. So, If the price is extremely low or much lower than usual then never buy products from them.

Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi

If you purchasing from public Wi-Fi, then it means you are knocking the scammer’s door. Public Wi-Fi are usually not secure to purchase anything, it’s better to purchase through VPN.

Choose Reliable Brands

Your experience helps you to take next step. Same goes with the online shopping. Choose your trusted brands from which you are buying since a long time.  But be aware with the fraudster, they make the same professional looking website.

Rely On Credit Cards

Credit card is better than debit card when buying online in terms of security because credit card has no linked to actual funds.  It is advised to use online payment services like PayPal. It processes the procedure of purchasing and your account information kept safe.

Go with Your Instincts:

It is important to go with your instincts. Sometimes your instincts save you from many troubles. If you have doubts on the product/ offer or website, then you should count on your instincts and avoid that place. Fraudsters usually trap victim through the extremely low price ranges or unbelievable offers. Time to open your eyes and say no to all those scammers.  Don’t rush to buy things immediately. Just hold, give time and do research whether you are buying is genuine one or not.


Online Market has grown well and It is made for our comfort. shopping is the best option to buy anything at home. There are many advantages and disadvantages of shopping online but it is advised to take precautions before bearing loss. Keep an eye open on your bank account statements/passwords. Avoid everything that seems shady to you and try to purchase from the trusted websites.