Top 7 Styles of Shalwar Kameez in 2021


Islamic practice has brought forth some quality ethnic clothing types for the ladies of the subcontinent, and salwar kameez is perhaps the most noticeable among them. This particular kind of dress is profoundly preferred by the majority of the ladies living in the region.

As a matter of fact, they feel good in wearing this three-piece dress, which comprises of a kind of pants called salwar, an upper top called kameez, and a dupatta for draping around the kameez. The Pakistani salwar kameez, otherwise called the ‘shalwar kameez,’ is the national dress for the people of Pakistan. This outfit is generally noticeable in Pakistani ethnic designs and comprises a salwar base that is either wide and loose and a slim-fit kameez top.

The salwar kameez is a flexible dress that will fit appropriately for an assortment of events. Pakistani clothes allude to ethnic garments by representing and communicating the way of life in Pakistan. Pakistani salwar kameez, being the nation’s public dress, is worn by almost everyone in the nation.

What is Shalwar Kameez?

Conventional Pakistani salwar kameez alludes to three-set garments that comprise of baggy pants known as the “salwar” or “shalwar,” a short fitting tunic or top known as the “kameez” or “qameez” alongside a long scarf or “dupatta” that is utilized to cover the head and shoulders. Salwar implies wearing loose pants, while kameez refers to wearing ethnic tops.

Ordinarily, the kameez is cut long and straight and matched with the pants or churidar pajamas. The side creases are open beneath the waistline (the opening is known as ‘chak’), giving the wearer a more prominent opportunity for enhanced movement. Ladies favor wearing salwar kameez with a long scarf or cloak known as a dupatta. It can either be draped modestly around the head or worn around the neck. The pants or salwar can be both wide and loose or can be very slim-fitted too.

A normal Pakistani Kurta is a lower leg length tunic, with a straight cut and two side cuts. The salwar arrives in a free-flowing form and is tied onto a midsection with a string. This entire garment looks inadequate without its third component, the dupatta, which is generally a 2-meter material that color coordinates with the rest of the garment.

Origin of Salwar Kameez

The Salwar Kameez was first worn in the Mughal period, where the outfit used to be a mix of a tunic and loose pants. Perhaps the most famous style of Salwar Kameez during that period was the Anarkali suit. It was viewed as perhaps the wealthiest type of article of clothing a noble could wear. The Anarkali suit is portrayed by a long kurta that flares free from the waistline. It had a great deal of rich weaving work and was frequently viewed as extravagant and decadent. Numerous Mughal prostitutes and individuals from the royal family used to wear Anarkali suits based on their Persian heritage.

This impact is as yet continued today, and we can see women’s and Men’s Shalwar Kameez in different styles and structures. This kind of clothing is worn by a large part of Pakistani ladies, at home or even on formal occasions. Most Pakistani ladies like to wear salwar kameez since it is excessively more comfortable to wear than a saree and more modest than a shirt and jeans. Pakistani Muslims are conscious to such an extent that even the most minute of a gap between the blouse and salwar can makes you the topic of conversation.

Various Types of Fabrics

A couple of unique kinds of textures may make the design appear to be unique and aesthetic instead of other consistencies. For instance, rayon and velvet were the most favored textures for the dress materials for Pakistani ladies.

In any case, the modern-day women like to wear salwar kameez made of chiffon, cotton, silk, and georgette. Nonetheless, the tones and design of the salwar kameez suits should be picked according to the wearer’s specific skin color and body type.



Since Pakistan has a warm and humid weather, cotton fabric is generally acknowledged as the most preferred texture to wear. Subsequently, cotton fabrics are generally preferred as the ideal dress material for making salwar kameez that can be utilized on a day-to-day basis. Cotton texture is delicate and generally agreeable for wearing in the blistering and moist environment of Pakistan due to the material’s breathable quality.

However, the cotton dresses are no less appealing than other textures, as all shades and tones can be colored and printed over the cotton fabric. Frequently cotton fiber is mixed with silk, jute, and other materials; however, unadulterated cotton is the most favored material for readymade dresses in Pakistan.


Because of its amazingly smooth and sparkling surface, silk is the most famous texture utilized for making the costliest salwar kameez. Thus, the wearer feels good and looks ravishing wearing the silk salwar kameez on any special occasion. Various varieties of silks are accessible all over Pakistan, which include Mysore silk, Banarasi silk, Tussar silk, etc.

Manufactured Fabrics

Among the artificially produced fabrics, chiffon, georgette, and crepe are the most mainstream ones for making salwar kameez garments. Georgette makes wonderful and pleasant dresses, as this fabric’s texture can support a heap of long weavings and hefty strings. Furthermore, the free-flowing assortments of georgette help it in establishing itself as a trendy fabric.

Chiffon is another significant texture generally utilized for making Anarkali-style salwar suits because of its effortlessness and radiance. Crepe is supported because of its wrinkled surface and gentility, which make the salwar kameez appear to be delicate yet eye-catching.

Top Styles of Salwar Kameez

A salwar kameez is the most mainstream and authentic multitude amongst the conventional Pakistani clothing styles. Pakistani ladies from all around the globe appreciate and wear this kind of outfit with joy.

With the progression of time, the easy-to-wear salwar kameez has gone through a dramatic change in style and sophistication. Today’s famous brands such as Khaadi, Oaks, Sana Safinaz, etc., have concocted a more advanced type of salwar kameez.


Crepe Lifestyle Kurta with Abstract Print

In case you’re thinking of going with a specific companion or going on a long drive, we recommend going for an aesthetic kurta with a theoretical print or a work of art to boost your spirits. A kurta also gives a combination look and can be worn with both a salwar or pants.

If you wish to deck up your closet with any of these astounding easy-wear salwar kameez, sign on to any Pakistani online store that sells modified renditions of good salwar kameez!

Anarkali Salwar Kameez

Ladies of any age are glad to wear a straight-cut salwar kameez. This kind of an ‘Anarkali garment’ has a straight kameez that reaches out to the knees. Pakistani salwar kameez also includes a delightfully weaved churidar produced using a fine quality georgette texture that makes it absolutely beautiful to wear.

The kameez borders, including the sleeves and neck areas, highlight many-sided weaving patterns while the material is also in a georgette texture. The entire outfit is then coordinated with a chiffon dupatta, finishing an excellent shalwar kameez configuration that is ideal for Eid or any other auspicious occasion.

Patiala Salwar Kameez

It is a significant dress of Pakistani style. Comprising of fitted short or long tunics combined with gorgeous crease-free Patiala pants and a chiffon or silk dupatta, this outfit is worn as an article of casual clothing and offers the supreme development of opportunity. The Patiala salwar kameez is generally worn in delicate tones like baby pink, light blue, pastel mauve, and so forth.  

Formal Salwar Kameez

This kind of a salwar kameez is ideal for office wear and unites a more subdued look due to the straight cut, front fastens, block colors, and rolled-up covers. Fit in a single shading like blue, pink, green, or yellow; it gives the Kurti a professional appearance.

Weaved Cotton Salwar Kameez

This luxurious cotton straight cut Salwar kameez is a beautiful sight to see due to its brilliant flower resham weaving on the top. This number is combined best with a red or fuchsia shading salwar and a dupatta to make it a class apart.

Dhoti Salwar Kameez

Dhoti Salwar is a traditional yet upscale style of Salwar Kurtas. Even though they are seen being worn by men more than ladies, they actually structure an intriguing piece of article in any woman’s closet. The salwar has various U-molded creases that crumple in an upward form. They are typically matched with short Kurtis to contrast the design.  

Palazzo Salwars

This sort of salwar kurta is the thing that is trending nowadays. This is an ideal illustration of the Indo-western style and is additionally very fashionable to wear. These can be combined with practically any ladies’ top wear, including ladies’ kurtas, crop tops, Kurtis, shirts, etc. look great. These suit sets can easily be purchased online so that you may look like the advanced fashionista that you genuinely are.