Look Stylish This Wedding Season in Pakistan With These Three Piece Suit Ideas

traditional pakistani wedding dress Ideas

The wedding season is around the corner which means soon you will be receiving loads of wedding cards and invited to weddings almost every weekend. Before the festivities begin, women in particular, have to deal with another issue. “What will we wear to the wedding?” First they have to figure out the outfits and then rush to the tailors to get them stitched on time. 

Want to cut down on the hassle? You are at the right place. Here are some three piece suit ideas that are in fashion these days. Pick anyone based on your style and preference and rock this wedding season like a pro!

1. Plain Matching Sets with Velvet Shawls:

This is an elegant three piece suit idea that will help you look put together and keep you warm as well. You can buy any plain suit in your favorite color and match it with a complementing velvet shawl. You will find a diverse range and variety of velvet shawls in the market. From heavily embroidered once to plain ones, you can pick any shawl that suits your style. The most popular velvet shawl colors include maroon, black, brown and fawn. These colors will do well with most neutral and natural colored plain suits. The material of the suit can also be any fabric however, khaddar and cambric tend to look the best due to their stiff structure. This dress will look especially good for the Baraat and Walima events.

2. Long Frock with Churidar Pajama:

You can never go wrong with a long frock paired with a churidar pajama. Frocks are suitable for almost all body types and can make you look good no matter what your physique is. If you are a bit bulky, you can move the pleats over your bulkier areas and cover the bulges using the pleats. Slimmer people can also opt for frocks and play with different panels to give the frocks a nice flair. The churidar pajama looks great with longer frocks and surely ends up giving one an elegant and royal look. This dress can be worn for all types of wedding functions. 

3. Short Shirt and Patiala Shalwar:

Patiala Shalwars were in fashion up until a few years ago. Recently, they have made an appearance again. This time around, they are being called Tulip Shalwars. The shalwar has pleats which gives it a flary look. The tulip shalwar looks great when paired with a short shirt. You can have an uneven hemline for the shirt. If you like, you can also have a round shirt and pair it with the tulip shalwar. The best fabric for this combination is a net dupatta and shirt with a jamawar or silk tulip shalwar. The best way to carry this suit is by pairing it with khussas. This dress idea is an extremely popular choice for Mehndi, Dholki or Mayun functions. Sisters, cousins and friends often like to wear this style but with different colors. 

4. Long Shirt With Capri Trousers:

If you are a tall girl who wants to flaunt her height, getting a long shirt with capri trousers will be an ideal combination for you. The long shirt accentuates height while the capri trousers shift the focus away from the legs and gives the overall body a balanced look. This three piece suit combination is perfect for shirts with a heavy embroidered or embellishment work on the shirt while keeping the capri trousers simple. The capri trousers can be further accessorized by adding pazebs or anklets on the feet. The dupatta can be in the same color as the rest of the dress or you can also opt for a complimenting color that can add to the beauty of the overall outfit. This suit design also looks great with both heels as well as flat shoes and can be carried comfortably. This outfit can be styled for either a Baraat or Walima event. 

5. Double Shirt with Trousers:

Looking for a unique three piece suit idea? Try a double shirt with trousers. The inner shirt can be plain and simple while the outer shirt can be embroidered or embellished. You can choose the inner and outer shirt of the same material. Another way of designing the same outfit can be selecting a see through material such as net or chiffon for the outer shirt and pairing it with a solid inner shirt. Once you have worn this outfit, you can always give it a new and fresh look by changing the inner. This way, you can easily reuse the outfit while giving it an entirely new look. This outfit idea does well for almost all wedding events but is particularly a popular choice for a Walima event.