The Top 10 Holiday Destinations You Must Explore in 2021-22


Tourism is increasing every year as people love to spend their holidays in the most desired places. Worldwide destinations expected 671 million international tourist influxes in the start of 2019. There was a huge growth in arrivals and UNWTO projected of 3% to 4% growth in international tourist arrivals for the year 2019. All this increase in tourism leads to outcomes of a strong economy, increased air connectivity, affordable air travel, etc. Tourists tend to find the top destinations to visit and to enjoy their maximum time. There are many beautiful countries truly enriched with nature and have the most exciting places like parks, hotels, beaches, resorts, museums, and architecture. The tourists’ main concern was a beautiful and peaceful place where they can enjoy and get relaxed. Traveling has never been an easy task but today’s technology has made everything right in your hand. In 2019, the total amount of global tourist arrivals was 1.4 billion which is a high record. From all around the world millions of people visit the top destinations to explore them. Tourism works as a driving force in generating the revenue of a country, the top-visited counties get excessive benefits from it. Tourism is a high factor in running their economies and even many developing countries are promoting it for revenue generation. When it comes to jetting off somewhere for holidays people prefer the top-notch destinations to visit that offer exciting places. People want to connect more with each other and want to look at the traditions and cultures of others and desire to experience that, low-cost air travel and technology is increasing the number of tourists traveling. But the question arose that where do they like to go? And what are those most visited destinations that they shouldn’t miss? Each year the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) accumulates a report of international tourist arrivals of all countries, based on their data collection here are some of the most visited destinations listed below in ascending order:


1. France — 89.4 Million Visitors

France has topped the list of the world’s best tourist destinations and its most visited city is Paris that surprises people with its enchanting nature and qualities. In France, tourism brought in $62 billion in the previous year. Tourism will get to rise here when they host the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. The best things to do in France include the Paris Eiffel Tower Summit from where you can see the city of lights and get fascinated by that, explore the Alsace region where you can see fairy-tale villages and castles, to experience the most beautiful gardens you should visit Loire Valley, and a road trip to French Rivera to enjoy the scenic coastal roads of France. If you’re looking for places to stay you can choose from these; the Hotel Negresco, InterContinental Bordeaux, Le Meurice, Le 1615 Luxe et Spa, and many more.


2. Spain — 83 Million Visitors

Spain is totally a wonderful place for tourists and another hitting place which in 2018 experienced over-tourism, especially in Barcelona. The capital city of Madrid has a lot of historical sites and cultures to experience. The traditional towns in Andalusia and the trendy metropolis of Barcelona are the main attractions of tourists. The largest tourist groups are mainly German, British, and Dutch tourists and the locals started developing tourist phobia because of an extreme increase in tourism. Through tourism, they have generated €92.92 billion, and see a rise of 2.82% as compared to 2018. Spain is the highest in breaking All-time high records. Sagrada Familia, Flamenco Show in Seville, Madrid Tapas Tour, Catamaran Cruise in Ibiza, and Daytrip to Consuegra and Toledo are the finest places to visit here.


3. United States — 80 Million Visitors

The United States of America stretching from California to New York covers 3.8 million squares miles which are approximately as large as Europe so, you can guess it from here that why it’s the third biggest travel destination in the world. It has diverse attractions like extensive national parks to visit for foreign as well as local visitors. The famous cities of the U.S include New York City, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, and San Francisco be sure to plan your trip keeping in the beautiful attractions. From both domestic and international tourists the U.S gained $1.1 trillion in 2019 which becomes a source of generating job opportunities.


4. China — 63 Million Visitors

China not only receives a significant number of travelers but are also among the most traveled inhabitants. Due to the rise in global business dealings and cultural exchange China gains his visitors. It has blessed with hundreds of ancient cities, historical sites, and astonishing landmarks from the Great China Wall to the Giant Buddha of Leshan. The most crowded city in China is Beijing and is a place to explore cultural heritages. You must see Zhaoxing Village which is verged by mountains and touts five drum towers that in Chinese tradition represents five manners: courtesy, kindness, righteousness, trust, and wisdom. In 2019, China collected 5.7 trillion yuan from its international tourism industry.


5. Italy — 62 Million Visitors

The charms of Italy have fascinated many tourists all around the world especially Rome that has attracted nearly 27 million visitors. Mostly. Europeans travel to Italy the most mainly Germans that account for 14 percent of its visitors. The tourism in Italy keeps on rising and generating high revenue of 237.8 billion euros according to 2019. These are some of the places that you shouldn’t forget to visit such as Cinque Terre where you can Hike amongst the five cliff-edged villages, Vatican City Tour, Ancient Rome, and Colosseum, etc.


6. Turkey — 46 Million Visitors

Turkey has managed to earn the rank of 6 after seeing a decrease in 2016 due to political troubles and terrorist attacks. Turkey is truly an exceptional destination for every traveler. Turkey is quite famous for its old traditions, distinctive cultures, and varied landscapes. It is traversing across Europe and Asia. Its impressive Roman and Ottoman architecture becomes the attractions of tourists. Its biggest city is Istanbul which is the main attraction of tourists due to its beautiful sites and the blend of East and West. You must do these things in Turkey to enjoy your full time like Hot Air Balloon Flight in Cappadocia, Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise, Visit Ancient Ruins of Esphesus, See Whirling Dervishes, and many more exciting places. The tourism revenue of Turkey hits $34.5 billion in 2019, creating a new high record.


7. Mexico — 41.4 Million Visitors

Mexico is a place to visit for its history and cultures. Mexico has attracted a number of people towards its popular destinations. Their food is quite famous and food lovers herd to Oaxaca to enjoy Mexico’s best tastes. Because of the Mexican traditions and colonial history, the towns like San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato are extremely admired. Mexico successfully generated 6.53 billion U.S. dollars through international tourism. Want to explore Mexico visit this place Chichén Itzá an ancient Mayan ruin and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


8. Germany — 39 Million Visitors

The main cities of Germany act as tourist magnets, especially during major festivals. Tourists from the U.S are the mains from overseas. Frankfurt and Berlin are the cities that attract travelers especially European. It has collected 36.5 billion euros from foreign tourists. Brandenburg Gate is back from 1971 and the only remained gate in Berlin, you must visit this historic momentous. Want to know about things you can do in Germany so here are some, Berlin Wall Bike Tour, Rhine Valley, Oktoberfest, Munich Old Town, etc.


9. Thailand — 38.2 Million Visitors

Thailand has always been on the high rank of tourism because of its best beaches. Not only beaches there are temples and palaces to explore. In 2019, Thailand’s tourism revenue extended to USD 62 billion according to the ministry of tourism. It is one of the most admired destinations of all seasons. It is a renowned budget-friendly place that makes it special. Here are some of the top places to stay in Thailand Naroua Villas Koh Tao, Banyan Tree Bangkok, Six Senses Samui, Veranda Chiangmai, and many more where you can have your best time. You can also Snorkel/dive at Koh Tao, the best scuba diving island in Thailand. The Phi Phi island is an ideal place that the government banned due to over-tourism for recovery purposes.


10. United Kingdom — 36.3 Million Visitors

The U.K has a lot to offer to its visitors, it is the most loved destination among international travelers. London is the most admired place because of its history and modern urbanity. The charm of England and the landscapes of Scotland can make you a good trip. It has nearly earned £28.4 billion and sees an increase as compared to 2018. Go for these things when you visit the U.K such as River Thames Cruise, explore Lake District National Park, a day trip to Stonehenge, and mainly the Tower of London. On your trip, you may stay at Laura Ashley Hotel the Belsfield, The Savoy, Mercure Salisbury White Hart Hotel, etc.