Muslim Travel Diaries: Top halal Holiday destinations for 2021

Top halal Holiday destinations for 2021

Islam is the second-largest religion in the world and the Muslim population is being multiplied day by day. And they make up the considerable strength in every nook and corner of the world. Are you a Muslim traveler? Then don’t worry. The world is replete with wondrous comfy and enchanted visiting sites that await you and your family to unwind, enjoy and relax. We have hand-picked some exciting familial destinations that are indelibly safe and halal.

We understand what it’s like to travel with your teeny weenies in a tow. And we know that you must be willing to keep your little captains within a covered and comfy climate. These contented familial holidays can be made memorable in Halal Destinations

Familial Tourism in the Muslim Countries

We wholeheartedly respect the ultimate fact that the Muslims don’t compromise in the matter of accommodation and meal especially if their families are concerned. The Muslims have an Immense concern regarding their Islamic culture, dress code, Alcohol consumption and Public Interaction and communication. When it comes to Muslim women the Islamic concept of “Haya” meaning ‘modesty’ comes into question. So in this regard, Muslims tend to opt for Muslim holiday destinations.

So we here present you a notable list of Muslim-Friendly Destinations of the Muslim world. It is one of the best decisions to pick up a spectacular Muslim destination from the countries which we have cataloged for your convenience.

Moreover, these countries are not only the containers of eye-catching visiting destinations but also offer a wide variety of Halal food. Because traveling without culinary experience is incomplete.

Indonesia Halal Holiday Destination

Indonesia Halal Holidays

Indonesia has approx. 87. 2% Muslim population. It is a country comprising of a scenic collection of Islands. Therefore, known as the Indonesian archipelago. It incorporates diversity of cultures, landscapes and cities. Indonesia is a treat for adventurous Muslims that offers hiking in active volcanoes to diving in largely untouched waters. For your families,there are some unmissable country destinations like Beaches of Bali, where you can have your little munchkins frolicking joyously. These beaches are the perfect combo of sun, surfing and socializing. You would never find a shortage of appealing restaurants to satiate your hunger or snack savviness. Let your kids smile and joyfully thrilled at the sight of quirky Borneo monkeys. These monkeys are known as Orangutans and Borneo is a great container of these endangered species. The Borneo authorities actively are showing concern about the preservation of this beautiful animal creature. Borneo is the home to the largest Orangutan population in the world along with the other primates, birds and reptiles. The other worth seeing places for the Halal family travelers Komodo National Park to view awe-inspiring view of dragon-like Komodos of Indonesia, Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud and TanaToraja

Turkey Halal Holiday Destination

Turkey Halal Holidays

For Muslim family Travelers, Turkey is a treat. Because it is not only rich in history but also a Halal-Friendly destination. The World Halal Summit Council ranked it as the third in Halal Tourism in the world next to Malaysia and Indonesia. It provides with commendable family-friendly amenities such as Women-only beaches, swimming pools and Spas. It offers a Muslim Friendly entertaining environment with no alcohol or other prohibited and injurious drugs. In Turkey, the Muslim families can have a joyous stay at the Four Season’s Hotel at the Bosphorus. This hotel is only at a four-minute walk from Besiktas Square. It is one of the popular and populous squares of the capital city Istanbul. This square is also brimmed with a variety of cafes, restaurants, shops and lively Istanbul life. The families are highly recommended to take the Bosphorus cruise and roam the incredible Istanbul treasures like Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sofia, and the Blue Mosque. Other than Istanbul have quality time at a small and laid-back coastal town named Alanya in Turkey. The top attraction of Alanya is anAlanya castle where you can have a magnificent view of the city from the top. After a hectic day spent in Alanya, satiate your hunger with some delectable Pizzas, steaks or seafood. 

Saudi Arabia Halal Holiday Destination

Saudi Arabia Halal Holidays

It is not only fixed for Umrah pilgrims and Hajis but also an equally welcoming country of astounding natural beauty, enchanting old cities and the plunging landscapes of the Asir Mountains. In addition to the top tourist and holy cities of Mecca and Medina, other much-visited cities involve JeddahDammam, Riyadh, Taif, and Tabuk.

Malaysia Halal Holiday Destination

Malaysia Halal Holidays

Malaysia has always been the talk of the Muslim tourists.  Traveling to this South-East Asian country has always been a unique experience. In this country, you find a characteristic mix of gastronomy i.e. art of cooking, Impeccable hospitality and a multi-ethnic population. The Malaysian food is an unmissable thing to brushing up your culinary taste. This country is brimmed with local street Halal food and high-end International cuisines to savor. From this geographical aspect, it is divided into two same-sized regions the Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo. The former comprises the bustling cities, tea plantation and beautiful colonial architecture. While the later encapsulates wild jungles, remote tribes and granite peaks. The rich cultural heritage of Malaysia is characterized by its scrumptious cuisines, its various annual festivals, enchanted traditional architecture, rural crafts. Moreover, Malaysia is all covered with scenic seas and beaches with no landlocked states except Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, it is famously known for coastal and “family” tourism.

Qatar Halal Holiday Destination

Qatar Halal Holidays

It is one of the friendliest countries for Muslim tourists on the Muslim friendly factors like the ease in travel, easy access for Halal restaurants, provision of prayer rooms at airports, shopping malls and hotels. This Muslim territory is filled with spectacular unmissable sites like Qatar’s Souq Waqif (Standing Market) an ages-old market where you will experience thrill and exuberance of old Arabian nights. Your Qatar image would remain incomplete without eyeing a reverent Masjid in Fanar Centre. This Masjid is specifically meant for Non-Muslim visitors and purposefully built to preach Islamic teachings to all the non-Muslims and Non-Arab visitors. This venerable institute offers Islamic classes, Arabic language, library, da’wah Museum to attract people and tourists to learn about Islam. Along with it, there are other fascinating visiting places in Qatar like the Museum of Islamic Art, Katara Cultural Village, the Mathaf Museum, Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al Thani Museum, Fort Zubarah, and Barzan Tower.

Oman Halal Holiday Destination

Oman Halal Holidays

It is a charming country of Arabian Peninsula and a home to beautiful Arabic culture, historical tourist attractions and scenic views that are not much explored. It offers a wide range of Halal and Muslim friendly destinations that you will surely enjoy with your family members. For this, you have to keep Salalah and Oman’s capital Muscat on the must-visit list because it is in these cities that you will really find a true sense of Oman life. Salalahis Oman’s second-largest city that appeals to many Arab and non-Arab tourists alike during the monsoon season. The climate of this Oman city also allows growing some but scrumptious vegetables and fruits like Coconut and bananas. This city has also one of the largest seaports in the Gulf region. This city has a scenic mountain range known as the Doha Mountain range. This green area offers the visitors a picturesque scenario with greenery, springs and waterfalls in Monsoon season.  On the southern side of this Salalah city, there are pristine white sand beaches of the Arabian Sea. You will be amazed and amused by the palm trees, tropical and Khareef weather andhospitality of the Salalah hotels to the full. 

Halal Friendly African Countries

Egypt Halal Holiday Destination

Egypt Halal Holidays

Egypt is a North-African country. It is an emblem of Islamic civilization, culture, and architecture. it is a dazzling destination of temples, pyramids and tombs. It encapsulates the last surviving of the Seven Wonders of Ancient World named as the pyramids of Giza. These pyramids were built as the mighty tombs of the ancient Pharaohs. Moreover, you an eye the Sphinx of Cairo, the temples and tombs in Luxor, take a short camel trek or experience a dinner cruise along the Nile River. It is really a place of plentiful joy.

Morocco Halal Holiday Destination

Morocco Halal Holidays

If you really seek a Muslim, Halal or Family-friendly holiday time, then plan your trip to enthralling cities of Fez, Marrakech and Casablanca of Morocco. This Muslim country is known for its inimitable culture where the tradition meets modernity. It is famous for its Halal food, mosques and friendly locals. You will have an amazing and relaxing time in the Halal resorts and Halal hotels in every nook and corner of the city.

Halal Family Holiday Destinations in Europe

Want to see Europe with your Muslim family? Absolutely possible. Europe invites all the Muslims communities across the globe with its Halal tourist destination countries where every lively family-oriented Muslim visitor can have a lively experience.  These destinations include

Berlin, Germany Halal Holidays

Berlin, Germany Halal Holidays

This city contains a huge Turkish population and it is regarded as one of the best Muslim friendly destinations for your Summer Holidays.

Barcelona, Spain Halal Holidays

Barcelona, Spain Halal Holidays

With an approx. of 2 % of the Muslim population in Spain, you wouldn’t find much difficulty in finding Halal restaurants in this Muslim Friendly Spanish city. You will surely feel thrilled at the bustling La Rambla Street and buzzing local Spanish marketMercat La Boqueria

Brussels, Belgium Halal Holidays

Brussels, Belgium Halal Holidays

In this Belgium city, around 5 % of the population is Muslim, so it is one of scenic Muslim Friendly places to check out with your family especially in the summer time.

Pick any of them with your own choice

We have cataloged some exuberant, enjoyable and exciting Muslim friendly destinations with Halal meals and accommodation. Pick the one you think the most suitable for you and have a great Familial time in the year ahead.