The government of Pakistan had the most chilled attitude towards the pandemic breakout of the coronavirus. All over the world, citizens of the states follow the direction and guidance provided by their government to deal with the outbreak of the coronavirus. But, unfortunately, in our country, our govt. has no plans and no specific direction to provide their people to survive this pandemic.

The Sindh government tries to take serious steps to deal with the COVID19, which is likely to be followed by several provincial governments of Pakistan. However, it is rejected by our federal government after the one month of lockdown.

Though they claim that they learn from china that how to deal with this virus, they haven’t imposed those actions to support that claim. In China, they have locked down their several cities and banned traveling to control the virus. They had also banned the collective prayers and parties to contain the number of cases in the Country. However, our government who had claimed that we have learned the ways from china to deal with this virus has taken the opposite steps to control the spread of the Virus. The lockdown orders which have been imposed when the cases were below 100, revamped by the federal government when the positive cases increase rapidly. And there were no travel restrictions as well.

The federal government allowed the international flights on the main airports of Pakistan, to bring its people back to their home town, ignoring the seriousness of the pandemic situation. And also they were failed to arrange the quarantine centers for those passengers.

A fractured healthcare system

 Pakistan is one of those countries that are fighting with the coronavirus pandemic. It is one of those 180+ countries whose economy and health care system are totally at risk. The lockdown in countries has bought an economic recession already. Alleviating the health emergency and the economic recession will not be so easy for Pakistan to handle, as the health care system is not so good already.

Our health care system is exposed so badly when the positive cases of the coronavirus hit the number of 5000. There are no basic health care facilities available; no proper trace of contacts and the quarantine and isolation procedures and preparations. These issues and problems got highlighted when the situation worsened already.

A global average of GDP which every country spent in the department of health care system is 10%, however, our country expend only 2% GDP on healthcare. This GDP is proof that our country spends on health care system occasionally. That’s why our system lacks and can’t afford that much rush on the hospital, which obviously has worsened the situation when the cases increase rapidly.

Furthermore, this disease cure and prevention is not all about a good health system, but the availability of quarantine centers and other concerning factors has made the situation uncontrollable.

Unequal access to healthcare

 As we all know that this disease has so many outbreaks in both rich and poor and government health care systems as usual got failed in front of the private sector. Though, this is a clear fact that this virus is 10 times more deadly for poor people.

Poverty hits them badly due to lockdown as they are mainly the daily wagers and the exponential growth of positive cases of coronavirus is so much for them. Since everybody knows that they are unable to afford a private hospital and the governments’ beds were not available without the source. This unequal access to health care has created a dreadful situation in the country.

Believing on Remedies

 Our citizens as usual trying to find out the remedy of this virus as well instead of following the directions of WHO. Pakistanis’ tried to do their own treatment at home with the help of desi remedies such as the usage of “Sana Makki”, which resulted in having loose motion along with the virus. Our Balochistan CM Jam Kamal Khan has also shared the remedy of this virus in the leading meeting of coronavirus, “Gargle with salt and vinegar” because according to him “coronavirus before it reaches to lungs it remains in the throat for four days and at this time the person begins to cough and having pain. So, if you start doing gargles with salt and vinegar it will eliminate the virus from your body”

Where world health organization is suggestion every state to do as much test as you can and try to reach on your nearest hospital on the occurrence of the minor symptom of the virus, Pakistan’s PM’s advisory is suggesting people that “don’t run to the hospital for tests, just sit at home and wash your hands.” Though prevention is better than cure when you are suffering from that virus and you are 100 percent sure that these symptoms are of coronavirus than you must concern to the nearest center and get your test done.