How to Raise Funding for Startup in Pakistan


Creative technologies by brilliant Pakistani people have helped to alleviate some of the most complex challenges such as a variety of food carts. Moreover startups like applauding services and e-commerce companies. In Pakistan, the rise of enterprises in the last 10 years has resulted in changing self-employment perceptions and a hasty willingness for the worldwide trend in startup culture. Startups do not lack the ability the Pakistani market offers. It lacks young professionals for the startups. Pakistani non-residents or fellow staff of multi-nationals are also interested in investing in startup businesses. But the path to successful start ups is concreted with countless obstacles, the far more crucial of which is fund-raising. Although start-up funds in Pakistan have increased unprecedentedly and several have success stories, financial support does not make a trip through the park. It is not an idea of fun to receive money for your startup. In an unstable situation you really have to substantiate yourself and your startup. You must guarantee that investors get 10 times more return on that investment. Until 2016, investment for Pakistani startup companies was very challenging. However, more and more investors and funding companies are arriving daily to promote the major rotation in Pakistani startup culture. The heritage of start-ups in Pakistan is yet a bit unique. If you are fortunate enough to increase your startup funding then be prepared to handle additional investment strain. Following is given details of a few companies that can help you raise funding for your startup within Pakistan.

1. Angel Investment

“Angel Investors” have huge capital volumes and are prepared to invest in good potential business opportunities. Many Pakistani startup companies effectively expanded their business activities after massive amounts were implanted through seed financing stages by global Angel investors. Dot Zero Ventures offers the possibility to reach businesses of the early stage looking for scale with their portfolio of eight funded startup companies and a board of shareholders from different sectors.

2. Dot Zero

It is an enterprise that chose to invest in start-ups which have recognized that they attract or certainly will captivate the mass audience with their product, concept or customer experience. They then help the company communicate with the necessary staff, infrastructure and technological advancements. That being said, in order to get the money you demand for the beginning of your new business, you need to put some effort in designing the model and idea for your startup. It is necessary that investors find your idea appealing enough to put their money in it.

3. LUMS Center of Entrepreneurship

It is a hub created by LUMS in search of talented concepts by the Pakistani young people at corporate events. Such activities take place in Pakistan. They choose successful concepts, advisors and provide them with expert advice. They can be a great source for all those fresh graduates that hold brilliant ideas within them for a new startup and are in search of some help. Not only will they get funded, this center will help them learn pros and cons of new enterprises and help them learn a good way to get success in the market.

4. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a procedure through which you can generate revenue through the Online platform for your project. In Pakistan, crowdfunding is available such as Indiegogo, Fund stalk, Rocket hub, Fund Anything, and Funding Lab.  In the growing world of social media, this platform can be a really good way for you to get desired funds without the need to be extra pressured by investors.

5. Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loan Scheme

The Youth Business Loan Scheme is a step taken by the government of Pakistan to promote entrepreneurial activity and reduce unemployment in Pakistan for small and particularly unemployed educated young people to set up or broaden businesses. The scheme is intended to offer business solutions for small businesses which meet financial requirements for business, including the establishment of new companies or the upgrading of new businesses. All industries including small wholesalers, retailers, traders, and small business sector manufacturers are mainly focused on young entrepreneurs. The Government of Pakistan is helping youth to establish their own business by providing them a loan of around 2 Million. However, the applicant is required to have a proper degree or diploma in the field of business to get this loan.

6. Kamyab Jawan – Youth Entrepreneur Scheme

The Kamyab Jawan Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme, for youthful and ongoing enterprises aged 21 to 45, is aimed at providing funding under the guidelines of, and monitoring of the State Bank of Pakistan, through 21 Advertising, Islamic and SME banks. These loan payments will encompass Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir to SME benefactors across Pakistan. It intends to supply female entrepreneurship with 25 percent of the loans. Three levels of loans from the Kamyab Jawan Program: The credit of Level 1 (T1) falls between 100 000 and 1 million Rupee and the loan payments of Level 2 (T2) falls within 1 million Rupee to 10 million Rupee. and the loans of Level 3 (T3), from 10 million Rupee to 25 million Rupees. The loans can last up to 8 years and then are granted for a graciousness period of 1 year. The Borrower’s share capital participation would be in a cash or immovable property and after authorization of the loan would be needed.

7. Bank Loan

There are multiple banks around Pakistan that offer loan services for you to start your new business without the need to be worried about extra trouble with investors. This is a safe way to get a loan as banks have proper policies for lending loans for various purposes. And you can return the loan in a given period of time. National Bank of Pakistan, for instance, has a credit guarantee scheme that offers around 1.5 million rupee loan for small business, new startups etc. The loan lasts for almost 5 years, which gives you enough time to set up your business and return the loan. On the other hand, Habib Bank Limited, one of the most famous banks of Pakistan, offers up to 15 million rupee loan for startup with a time period of three years.