Women’s Health – Ways to Maximize Your Life Span

Women's Health tips

There are number of things that you can add into your routine that can assist you to live a healthy life. A recent study has shown that females who are healthy can easily walk around 30 minutes per day, and can actively perform different day to day tasks. Now the question is what actually you are lacking, if you are not capable of even performing simple daily activities.

Well, it’s all about your health and diet. According to recent statistics, adult lack the physical activities are the one who failed in maintaining their health. Especially,if you are sitting around 9 years on the same chair and busy in your work; trust me! You are making your life miserable from your own hands.

Human body needs to perform physical activities on daily basis, if they really want to live long and healthy. It will hardly take 30 to 40 minutes to perform some useful exercises, workout or go for walk. Any extra activity will help you to boost up your energy level and maximize your life span. There are certain ways through you cannot only perform your daily tasks, but can also perform workout in an amazing way. In short, you don’t need to dedicate yourself too much for physical activities.

Cleaning your home and exercise at the same time

Do you have any idea that by cleaning your house, you can burn up to 285 calories per hour? You probably not. Well, vacuuming or cleaning your house can help you in getting smart physique and healthy life. A recent study has shown that people who often do house work are healthier and mentally stable as compared to those who preferred to sit on the same chair working for more than 10 hours. In simple words, it is important to earn good, live luxury life and having your own home, but wait! If you are not healthy, what will be the use of this money? Therefore, wake up and make yourself habitual of at least sparing sometime for exercise or workout.

A Cup of Tea per day should be must

You might heard that eating an apple per day keep the doctor away, same goes for the cup of tea. A cup of tea per day will help to maximize your life span. Especially, green and black tea are best and reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases. Moreover, tea contains a lot of antioxidants that improve your immune system and reduce the risk of cold. Therefore, if you don’t like black tea, at least take green tea to live a healthy, long and smart life.

Your Physical Strength is Essential

Research has shown that with the help of healthy diet and physical activities, one can tend to his/her 70’s and 80’s. Obviously, human body is made of different components and they need to function properly for a long healthy life. However, physical strength means strengthening your legs, muscles and thigh to improve their mobility. If your leg muscles are working properly, then it will add balance and flexibility in to your body. Physical activities also help to reduce the risk of falling and other injuries including fracture. The last but not the least; you will stay young as you feel, so add workout and other physical activities in your routine and enjoy a long healthy life.