Lahore, the heart of Pakistan, is famous for its love of food. Culture, traditions, norms, and desi food is in the blood of Lahories. Their recipes of food depict their culture and tradition of that particular place. The food street of Lahore portrayed the real taste of Pakistani cuisines and displayed the culture and hospitality of the citizens of Lahore.

Here is the list of some famous and most popular food spots of Lahore, which one should visit while exploring the city of tradition and norms. 

Food streets in Lahore

Are you looking for the perfect good desi food in Lahore? If so, then you can head over to these iconic and unique food streets of Lahore for an amazing and memorable experience of food.


Gawalmandi Food Street

Diversity and quality in food, is a portrayal of Gawalmandi Food Street. The oldest food street has a history of traditional dishes. These traditional recipes, which are the specialty of people who were migrated from the Punjab and Amritsar, has become the highlight of this oldest food street of Lahore.

Fish fried, hareesa, nankhatai, feeka lassi, bbq are the most famous and popular dish of this food street. However, these dishes are also considered as the traditional dishes of Lahore.

 So, if you visited Lahore for the shorter or longer period it doesn’t matter at all, don’t miss the food of this oldest food street of Lahore, which has traditional dishes of this city in the best quality and quantity.


Lakshmi chowk

When desi food is in consideration, the first place that clicks in mind is the Lakshmi Chowk food street. This street is the complete representation of the food culture of Lahore.

Lakshmi chowk is popular for its infamous crispy gol gappay, Lahori tikka, chargha, halwa puri, and Tawa chicken. Besides these the two most known dishes, Butt karahi and Butt sweet were originated from this food street. Not only these fancy dishes, but this chowk is also known for its Kashmiri daal chawal.

This place is popular for serving the most delightful variety of Pakistani food. For this reason, this place is a must-visit for anyone who visits Lahore.


M. M. Alam Road

When someone asks for the famously delicious food, why always traditional is the option? Why not some tasty western food? The M. M. Alam Road is the perfect example of the kind of street where almost every type of cuisines are available whether it be desi food or Thai food.

You can have Chinese food, or western including burgers, rolls, shawarmas, fresh juices, milkshakes, and traditional foods like karahi, tikka, naan chanay, halwa puri, etc.

But being Pakistani there is a touch and flavor of Pakistani spice and tarka in every food they have here.


Lahore Fort Food Street

This newly established food street has a great history of fort road Food Street from the Mughal era. The Lahore fort street is very well known for its delicious servings and aesthetic view of the city. People from all over the world visit this place because of its finger-licking desi food along with the view of the beautiful city. This food street of Lahore, located near the Badshahi mosque, is a perfect picture of the cultural heritage of the city. These modern restaurants have old ambiance, their interior is filled with decade-old paintings and statues, and antiques.


Old Anarkali Food Street

Old Anarkali Bazar Food Street without any doubt is one of the oldest food streets of Lahore. This place is famous among the tourist because of its delicious desi food. Though it is one of the highly crowded places in Lahore, still tourists want to go there because of the quality of food they provide. Their lip-smashing and finger-licking recipes of desi food is one thing that no one wants to miss while visiting the cultural and traditional city of Lahore.

These different varieties of food available on various food streets make Lahore a hub of the food of Pakistan. These food streets of Lahore depict and portray the culture of that particular place through their food and hospitality which they give to their tourists and customers.