How to Make the Most of your Girl’s Camping Trip?


After a long period of being trapped in our houses, things are finally looking up now. With Winter signing off for good and spring just around the corner, it is the perfect time to plan for outings with your girl squad. Get researching, ladies! You can have an exciting adventure with your Femme Fatale at Breakout Escape rooms for a fun day out. And if you’re looking to plan for something a bit more elaborate, spring is the best time to go camping with your group. Here is how you can make the most of your girls camping trip.

Make sure to carry the right things  

While camping does seem like a fun activity, things can end up getting dicey if you don’t have the right equipment with you. Apart from the usual camping necessities like tents, convenient bag-packs, and general camping gear, here is a list of items you can refer to while packing for your trip  

Stakes and a mallet

Stakes help keep your tent and tarp in place and act as extra supports if you’re assembling a tent by yourself. Rubber mallets are especially handy, but try to get one that has a hook on the other end—useful for pulling the stakes out.  

·         Pillow and sleeping bag 

Carry a comfortable set of pillows with the sleeping bed. It is better to have a compact, space-saving alternative to your aid.  

·         Bug spray and sunblock 

Sunscreen and Bug spray are a must while camping.  It’s awful to get a sunburn while camping, and it’s even worse to pull ticks off oneself, so make sure to keep these handy.  

·         First aid 

You may either buy a camping first-aid kit or put one together yourself with hydrocortisone, Neosporin, bandages, tweezers, and pain relievers.  

·         Firewood kindlers 

What is a camping trip without a campfire? But as aesthetic as it sounds, it can be tricky and dangerous to get a bonfire started without the right equipment. Carry dryer lint and empty egg cartons  

·         Extra batteries 

It is always good to keep extra batteries. Carry some for your headlamp, flashlights, and other devices.    

·         Trekking Shoes 

If you’re going hiking, you’ll want hiking boots, and if you’re going swimming, you’ll want sandals or water shoes, but you’ll also want “camp shoes,” which are easy to slip on and off so you can walk around the campsite, go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and so on.  

·         Toiletries 

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, wet wipes, tissues, and sanitary napkins/menstrual cups are an absolute travel necessity for women. Make sure to carry enough supplies  

·         Sustainable food and beverages 

Carry food items that will not spoil when you camp in the sun. Bring frozen meat with you if you are non-vegetarian, and bring easy-to-carry sustainable items with you. 

·         Trash bags, Ziplocs, disposable cups, plates, utensils are also things you should not forget to carry with you.  

Self-care and Hygiene on the trip  

·         Take care of your skin 

Camping in the wild can be harsher for your skin than you can imagine. Moisturize your face and hands regularly and cleanse your face every night before sleeping to wash away all the dirt, allowing your skin to breathe.  

·         Braid your hair or don a hat

Not only will this be a welcome relief from the scorching heat and up your style quotient significantly, but it will also protect your hair from a tonne of damage.  

·         Carry Urination devices 

Improper sanitation facilities might be one of the biggest issues you face while trekking. Not having access to hygienic washrooms or having to use unsanitary lavatories would cause you unimaginable discomfort on the trip. It’s best to carry urinary devices to avoid this problem. Devices like Pee Safe are very handy, hygienic & compact, and can be used almost anywhere, be it any public washroom or home.  

·         Prepare to be MIA 

Bid your social media goodbye for the duration of your trip. Embrace the elements and get closer to nature and take this time to destress and rejuvenate yourself.  

On your Trip 

·         Hike Challenging trails 

Find a short route near your campsite to get started. If you’re camping light hasn’t been active in a while, this is the ideal thing to do. Take care not to overdo it. Begin slowly and savor the experience of being in the woods. Smells, sounds, and images can all be quite soothing.  

·         Go canoeing or kayaking 

If there’s a nearby river or lake, grab your chance to go canoeing or kayaking. There are so many beautiful portable kayaks, canoes, and even SUPs that you can bring along with you, or if you plan to camp near a popular destination, they may have some to rent. Figure out your means to avail of the service and have a fantastic time with your pals  

·         Geocaching

Geocaching is a real-life treasure search game. It makes use of GPS and is an excellent learning tool for both adults and children. Many geocaching apps are available for smartphones, or you can inquire at the visitor center of your local state or national park to see if geocaching is accessible. They occasionally have GPS gadgets that can be borrowed for geocaching.  

·         Studying the skies 

Stargazing is a mesmerizing activity in itself but watching these beautiful specks from the wilderness of nature with your best friends is a whole different level of relaxing! There are some apps that help you study the skies at night. Have a beautiful evening with your squad, appreciating the mystic skies.  


Camping is the perfect way to take a break whether you just want to relax or want to go on an adventure. With these recommendations, you can camp in National Parks or even popular camping spots. Start preparing by finding out what the average cost of camping might be and where you’d like to go and adjust and customize your plan to suit your budget and your personal preferences.