Foods All Pregnant Women Should Avoid

Foods Pregnant Women Should Avoid

Are you expecting a baby? If yes, then you really need to add healthy food items in your diet. No doubt, pregnancy is the most delicate time in a female’s life. Therefore, women take care of their health should eat that help giving birth to a healthy child. It would not be wrong to say that what you eat and drink directly influences your baby’s health. There are certain foods like grains, fruits, low-fat dairy, fresh vegetables and legumes that play a vital role in keeping you and your unborn infant healthy. However, there are some food items that every pregnant lady should avoid in pregnancy.

Say No to Feta Cheese

This is true that hormonal changes in a woman body in pregnancy becomes the reason for food craving. Though, it does not mean to eat anything. Feta is basically a popular form of cheese usually used in pastas and salads. Undoubtedly, most of the females are cheese lovers; but always remember that the health of your baby is more important. A recent research has shown that feta cheese is not a healthy food item for females to eat in pregnancy. It can badly affect the health of unborn baby. In addition, feta cheese can also cause premature labor, physical illness and miscarriage.

Avoid Drinking Coffee

If you are expecting a baby, then make sure not to take coffee in pregnancy. It is true that females love to taste different things in their pregnancy, but your baby health comes first. Coffee has high amount of caffeine in it that can badly affect the heart rate of your baby. Moreover, caffeine should be avoided in pregnancy to save yourself from miscarriage. According to a recent research, a cup of coffee has 95mg of caffeine that also cause dehydration.

Alcohol is Hazardous

Nowadays, it is very common to have alcohol on parties, gatherings and even after dinner. However, if you are expecting a child then say no to alcohol. Alcoholic food items can become the reason of fetal alcohol syndrome in your body that can cause developmental disorders. In addition, alcohol should be avoided even in breastfeeding to offer a healthy lifestyle to your baby.

Do not eat High-mercury Fish

All of us know that fish is the best source of offering omega-3 fatty acids, but wait! In pregnancy, it would be great to avoid high level of mercury. The fishes that contain high mercury in them are Shark, Swordfish and Walleye. During pregnancy, Tuna Fish is healthy to be taken but don’t take it in an excessive amount. Eating tuna fish once in a week is good for the health of mother and unborn baby. Though, avoid eating undercooked fish in your pregnancy.

Nuts that can cause Allergy

There are number of nuts available in the market, but nuts like peanuts, cashews, macadamia nut, walnuts and chestnuts can become the reason of skin rash. A recent survey has shown that nuts can cause body swelling that is unsafe for unborn child health. In simple words, it can cause body allergies so better to avoid above mentioned nuts during your pregnancy time to keep your child safe and healthy.