Follow these 11 Amazing Tricks to Book Cheapest Flight Tickets

to Book Cheapest Flight Tickets

Airfare is likely to be the costliest part of your journey. To remain within your budget, you’ll need to pick a more convenient destination or spend less money at your vacation stop due to the high cost of plane tickets.  One of the most complicated aspects of the process is finding out how to find inexpensive flights.

Want to book your ticket for the flight? And that, too, at the lowest possible fare? Well, we have 11 tricks for all of you travel lovers who are always on the travel, which will help you to book cheap flights. So, without burning a hole in your wallet, get ready to click new destinations off your travel bucket list.

1. Must be flexible with travel dates

You may have come across websites claiming that reserving flight tickets on a Tuesday or flying on a weekday will save you big bucks. That’s not always accurate, though. So, we’re recommending that you check out the rates for the whole month. You’ll get a good picture of days that are cheapest for your destination in this way. Where do you check the prices for the month?

Browse via Google Flights, Hopper, or Skyscanner. Try it on your website or on your mobile app. What you need to do is just feed it into your cities of departure and arrival. Check first for a one-way fare. Select Depart, do not enter a date, and instead, pick the entire month.  Then click – check for flights and you will get to know the date of the lowest fare offered.

2. For local airlines, go

Local airlines do not show the bulk of the search engines. This often happens in the case of remote places or less famous routes. If you fly to any of those destinations, we recommend that you check for local airlines on Google. Then go to the website of the local airlines and search for any offers or deals. This will certainly help you to book a lower fare for your flights.

3. Use Incognito for flights searching

Have you found that your web browser raises the fare prices every time you check for your flights? Well, because of the cookies in your browser, that happens. The searching for flights repeatedly on the website resulting in increased airfares every time. You are starting to expect that rates will grow higher. Therefore, when you look for flights, we advise you to do it in incognito mode.

Open a new Incognito window each time before starting your search. This will not store your past searches in this way, and you’ll never see increased flight rates. Other options include searching or removing the cookies from a separate laptop/computer to get lower fares.

4. Choose Currency Payment to the book flight tickets:

This choice is used by many travelers to get cheaper fares. Most airlines ask you to pay in the country’s currency to which you’re traveling. When you book your flight tickets next time, evaluate if you can pay in any other currency that is cheaper than your own.

A word of advice here – your credit card does not charge international transaction fees if you make the payment with your credit card. Only go forward, and then book your tickets.

5. Book your flights well beforehand.

We recommend that you book your flight tickets immediately if your travel dates and destination are all set. The explanation for this is that as your departure date/time approaches, airline fares will only rise, with a few exceptions. You can also save big by booking your flight tickets well in advance and use the savings for other fun experiences.

6. Set alerts to fare

Remember to configure fare warnings when you visit airline websites. By doing this, before they sell out and encourage you to book cheap flight tickets, you would get to know about the special deals. You can also follow budget airline pages on Twitter & Facebook, such as GoAir, Jetstar, Indigo, Air Asia, and SpiceJet, to learn about different deals and offers.

7. Find the cheapest travel destination

This tip is for you if you’re excited to fly but don’t have any particular destination in mind. To find out the destinations offer for flight fares, you can use search engines, then fix your vacation destination appropriately according to your preference. Thinking about which place to visit? Ok, you should give Skyscanner a try. Insert your departure city and check everywhere in the world for cheap flights. Then, from the list of cheapest places to travel, pick the destination of your choice and then book your tickets. This brilliant move will allow you to travel to exotic locations and fulfill the wanderlust in you.

8. Make use of points for flights

As part of the loyalty package provided by the airline, you definitely collect air miles’ points if you are a frequent flyer of a specific airline. Jet Airways, for instance, provides JetPrivilege Miles, where you can use them to gain cheaper flight fares based on your miles. Many of these points can be made when traveling to domestic routes.  If you receive more points, then you can also qualify for an award flight to your favorite destination.

9. First Compare Then Buy the Tickets.

As a part of getting a cut from the airlines, most of the travel browsers have inflated flight rates. So, we recommend that you try Skyscanner, Google Flights, JetRadar, and Airfare watchdog search engines, where you’ll get lower flight fares. What you have to do is try each of them and compare various airlines’ airfares.

10. Do it yourself while reserving connecting flights

Many times, on the way to our final destination, we have connecting flights and have to turn from one plane to another. We recommend you to visit the AirWander website for such flights. With several airline choices, this search engine will give you cheaper destinations and save more money.

11. Book the flight on the cheapest day

If you are a night owl, then you have this trick. If you’re not, then the time has come to be one! You ask: does it apply extensively during the week? Regrettably, no. According to the study, you get cheaper airfares if you buy your flight tickets at midnight – Monday through Wednesday. So – stay awake and active, save more than that!

Note, if you want to book the cheapest possible flight (not the service-of-the-year-award-winner), be able to adapt, do your research properly, and know the specifications & restrictions of the budget airline.