Uber vs Careem vs A-Taxi: Which One should be Prefer?

Uber vs Careem vs A-Taxi

Online taxi services have become the easiest and famous mode of transport in various countries. Recently, the taxi service has also been launched in Pakistan that made traveling easy and fast. Basically, the Dubai based Careem was first launched in the city of Lahore in October 2015. Afterwards, a Turkish company Albayrak knows as A-taxi and the US based Uber also get launched that made taxi service popular among the citizens of Lahore.

Uber VsCareemVs A-Taxi – Which to Go for?

The best thing about these cab services is that you can easily order a taxi for you by using a simple mobile app. Though, A-taxi app is not live yet, but the other two taxi services offers this great mobile app facility to their customers. Unlike Careem and Uber, A-taxi assist its customer through a call center where you can call 24/7 to order a cab for you.

It also has the feature of stopping the car on a road that is not available for Careem and Uber. On the other hand, Uber offers in-app help service to their customers. Now coming towards the main thing that which taxi service should be prefer?

Taxi Fare

When it comes to fare, Uber offers you the cheapest rate in comparison to A-taxi and Careem. The company charges only 9.38PKR, whereas Careem charge 17PKR as well as has the minimal wait charges of 2 Rupees that makes the fare 150 PKR altogether. In simple words, you have to pay 200PKR to Careem for even a short distance along with the waiting charges.

Unlike Careem, Uber has not the wallet service that lets you pay any top up the remaining balance to the driver. On the other hand, A-taxi charge you 120PKR as a basic fare and 35PKR/km, but you can travel 3km within the default charges that is a plus point.

Route Tracking

If you are a kind of person who love to do multitasking on your smartphone, then believe me! Uber is an ideal taxi service for you. Uber allows you to track your ride easily anywhere, even if you have closed the app. On the other hand, Careem and A-taxi has not such facility for their customers. They will not respond you, when the app will be closed on your smartphone.


Uber provides immediate fare notification right after your ride will be ended. The taxi driver just needs to press “END TRIP”, so there is no chance of fraud in using Uber. On the other hand, Careem and A-Taxi do not offer such services to their customers. You will get a receipt at the end that is an old mode of getting bill.

How You Can Order your Ride?

Now the question is how to order the taxi for you? Very simple! You just need to use your mobile app to order the cab. Once your ride is secured, the app will automatically provide you the details of the vehicle, track and driver near to your area. You just need to confirm your ride by calling the taxi driver. A-taxi also have GPS systems installed in their vehicle that help their customers to locate them easily.

The Bottom Line

The last but not the least; if we see all the facilities or services, then Uber is best for you. However, it is your choice what you want to choose, but still American network is on top and offering excellence at its best by leaving Careem and A-taxi behind.