Most Popular and Delicious Foods in the World


ood is known to be an essential part of the human body as life is nothing without a proper diet and tasty dishes. There is a range of food items in the world that must be tried and tested by people due to their delicious and appetizing aromas and taste. A lot of different types of foods are famous such as Continental, Thai, Pakistani, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Seafood, etc. In the following article, must-try foods in all over the world are going to be discussed. Particularly four countries are selected to highlight their must-try food items as follows:

Thai Foods

Western restaurants are quite creative and the chefs always make food look presentable with innovative ideas. Thai foods are not that appetizing at times but their presentation attracts the person to eat them. Food lovers are fascinated by the looks and the creativity of chefs who add some unique taste to the dish that they have utilized in food making and its presentation. Some of the most popular Thai foods are enlisted below:

Pad Thai (Fried Noodles)

Pad Thai is considered the most popular dish to eat in Thailand. This dish was introduced by Chinese immigrants. Pad Thai is not that spicy and is considered a signature dish of most Thai restaurants. The method of cooking varies regionally as per the requirements of food lovers. The dish consists of dried shrimp, chicken, pork, and many other classical ingredients that make the food tasty and delicious to eat. The dish is a mixture of sweet, sour, salty and it might be a mixture of different flavors.

Tom Yum Goong (Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup)

This dish is basically a hot and sour shrimp soup and is also considered the most famous dish in Thailand. Tom Yum Goong is mostly famous in the central region and has a unique taste. The mixture of different ingredients has made the aroma of the soup quite appetizing for soup lovers. Most commonly shrimp is used in making the Tom Yum Goong soup. The other ingredients may include mushrooms, fish sauce, red chili pepper, and lime juice. Sometimes to make the taste more delicious chicken, or seafood are also added.

Kaeng Lueang (Yellow Curry)

This Thai food specializes in different types of curries with different colors and aromas. Kaeng Lueang is a yellow-colored curry that is famous for its taste that might be sometimes sweet or sour because of its soup like appearance. Yellow curry has a rich texture and the coconut milk added to the dish adds more flavor and innovative taste that makes the curry more delicious.

Khao Pad (Thai Fried Rice)

Khao Pad is also one of the most iconic dishes in the Thai food category. This dish is most commonly eaten at lunch. The Khao Pad rice may include different ingredients that make the dish even more delicious such as chicken, seafood, garlic, beef, pork along with eggs to make the food look appetizing and the fragrance of Jasmine rice adds additional flavor to food. Spicy food lovers find it mouthwatering to eat the dish because of its aroma and taste.

Laab (Spicy Salad)

Laab is considered as north eastern signature food that is somehow similar to Som Tam, another traditional spicy dish of Thailand. Laab is a spicy salad that is made up of minced meat, mint leaves, lime juice, coriander, shallots and many other ingredients as well. Raw vegetables are added to this salad acts as a palate cleanser. Laab is served as a hot dish and minced meat is added after being cooked. The respective salad has a salty and spicy flavor.

Italian Food

Italian cuisine is significantly limitless in the world. The list of Italian dishes has a range of different specialties as the tempting appearance and mouthwatering aromas of the Italian dishes have made them unique. The traditional dishes found in the Italian kitchen are still famous in the whole world. Some of the Italian foods are seasonal and many of the dishes can be available for the whole year. Some of the most popular Italian foods are explained below:

Italian Pizza

Italian pizza is a famous dish that came from Naples. The pizza consists of different ingredients that captivate the food lovers such as the tomato sauce, mozzarella, and some of the basils are also added to add some special flavor to the pizza. It has been considered that Italian pizza has different specialties and the chefs make use of a variety of ingredients as their signature dish to add more taste and flavor that is loved by pizza lovers.

Spaghetti Carbonara

Carbonara is a traditional dish that has come from Rome. The dish is made with egg yolk, cheese, bacon, cream that add taste to the food. The spaghetti carbonara can be made with some additional ingredients but sometimes chefs add additional flavor with their unique skills to make the dish more delicious. Carbonara is served hot and the taste of the respective popular dish is spicy. It is most commonly eaten as starter food and usually served in lunch.


Risotto is a rice dish that is highly popular in Italian foods. This food is one of the most traditional foods found in Italian cuisine. The dish came from the Arabs and is approximately found back in the 13th century when it was made for the first time. Risotto has a yellow-colored appearance and the butter, saffron, peas, and a lot of other ingredients are added with the rice to make the food delicious enough. In some cases, pig parts are also added to the food to make it more mouth-watering.


Polenta is another most fascinating dish of Italy. The dish is made up of water, cornmeal, and salt that add a spicy taste. Polenta however takes some time to be cooked and be ready to serve and needs a lot of mixing to be prepared before. The ingredients of this dish may include cheese, vegetables, fish or meat. The dish can be served as a dessert or might be flavored spicy as per the demand of consumers. Polenta is most commonly liked by the youth for its delicious taste.


Minestrone is cooked with thousands of different variations. There is a variety of soups that can be made with this dish and is quite popular among the meals. This dish has a lot of specialties in it including a great mix of beans, legumes, turnips, basils, tomatoes and a lot of other ingredients. The minestrone has the anarchic recipe that means the ingredients added to the food may have regional differentiation.

Turkish Food

Turkish foods are also considered quite appetizing and tasty in different regions of the world. Turkish dishes are found in multiple regions and are liked all over the world. The presentation, taste, aroma and look of the food dishes are highly captivating for people. There is a diverse range of amazing Turkish foods and some of them are enlisted below:


Leblebi turkish food

Leblebi is a snack food that is mostly found in Turkish food streets because of its specialty. This dish is mostly salty and spicy and roasted with chickpeas. This dish is specifically popular in the Middle East, Iran, Syria and Turkey. Leblebi also consists of dried cloves that are candy-coated and have a unique taste, making the dish delicious and mouthwatering.


Durum turkish food

In the Turkish language, Durum means a “roll” that refers to as a wrap as well. This is one of the most popular dishes in Turkish Cuisine and is famous in Istanbul. The roll consists of a donor kebab filled inside and has a salty taste as well. Some of the vegetables such as onion, capsicum and other additional spices can be added as per the demand of the consumer.


Kofte Turkish Food

Kofte is added in the meat food category as it can also be named meatball or meatloaf. This dish is quite popular among Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Middle East. The dish is served hot and is spicy in taste. There are almost 300 varieties of Kofte as they are served in different styles including skewered, raw, with soup, dry or completely cooked.

Imam Bayildi

Imam Bayildi is a vegetarian dish that is made with an eggplant that is topped with onion, garlic, tomato and olive oil. The dish is presented as an entrée which means it is added to the list of main dishes. Imam Bayildi is mostly served at room temperature and has a salty taste. The dish was named on the basis of an interesting story as the name implies Imam Bayildi means “Imam Who Fainted”.


Kunefe Turkish Food

The Kunefe is a sweet dish that is most popular in the whole world. This Turkish food is mostly referred to as a Middle east traditional dessert that is served hot. The dish is made up of cheese, shredded kadayif dough and a sweet syrup that adds flavor to the dish. Some cream is also added to make the food look presentable. Kunefe is crispy to eat and the taste is delicious.

Pakistani Foods

There are a lot of categories in which Pakistani foods are famous including breakfast and lunch or dinner items as well. There are different foods in Pakistan that need to be tested at least once to try the taste and the appetizing aroma. The Pakistani foods have their own worth and taste due to which they are famous all over the world and the people from different parts of the world are fond of eating Pakistani foods. Some of the most famous Pakistani foods are enlisted as follows:

Seekh Kabab

In starter, Pakistani foods include a lot of dishes including Pakoras, Kebabs, samosas and other fried items can be used as a starter in different parties and functions in Pakistani hotels. The taste and aroma of Seekh Kebabs are appetizing and are always served hot with some spices added in the texture to make the food tastier and more delicious. There are different cooking styles for the Seekh Kebabs according to different regions and tastes of people from different provinces of Pakistan.



 Biryani is one of the most favorite dishes of every citizen of Pakistan. This is a rice dish that is made with chicken and spices added to the mixture to make it more delicious. The different regions of Pakistan have different methods to cook biryani and for this, the name of the dish also varies such as Sindhi Biryani, Chinnioti Biryani and many others have their own unique taste and ingredients added. Biryani has a yellow to brown appearance and the taste is mouthwatering.          

Chicken Karahi


The meat dishes in Pakistan are the most favorite and famous all over the world as a lot of people including Europeans are also fond of eating these special food items from Pakistani restaurants. Chicken Karahi is made up of Chicken and spices are added to the dish. Chicken Karahi is served with Naan or Chapatti as per the preference of consumers and the dish is served hot. Some condiments are also served with the dish so that people can add more spices and tastes according to their preference.

Halwa Poori

Halwa Poori

Pakistani foods have a specialty in their dessert items and there is a range of sweet dishes including the food items that are either served hot or cold. Halwa Poori is known to be the most favorite breakfast in different cities of Pakistan. The taste of the dish is sweet and is considered as a heavy breakfast that people have on holidays and Sundays. Poori is also eaten with Chaney that are served along with Halwa Poori.

Alu Gosht

Aloo gosht

Alu Gosht is one of the most famous dishes in the country that is made with potatoes and meat sometimes chicken is also added. The dish consists of gravy and is served hot. Alu Gosht is specifically eaten with chapatti or naan. The spices added to the dish make it tasty and delicious. This dish is usually served at lunch or dinner.