How FFP served the nation during the times of Covid

Foundation-Fighting-Poverty-Non-profit organization in Pakistan

Foundation Fighting Poverty; FFP is a non-profit and non-governmental organization wholly and solely working for, helping, and lifting humanity for more than thirteen years in more than twenty-two cities. The strong foundations of the leading NGO of Pakistan, FFP, are brotherhood, selflessness, piety, and devotion, and, by the grace of the Almighty, the welfare efforts and community services of the FFP team touch all areas of the lives of human beings.

Covid in Pakistan:

On March 1, 2019, In Pakistan, the first two cases of Covid 19 were detected. Covid; is a virus that spreads through the air, and after being discovered in Pakistan, it started spreading like a fire and killed many lives. Everything was suffering in the sudden unfortunate times, be it the health of the people or; the economic conditions of the nations. 

How FFP served the nation during the times of Covid:

The FFP team tried its level best to help the suffering ones. The team took the following initiatives to lift others in difficult times.

  • Groceries for Daily Earners: 

All the daily earners suffered the most because of Covid. People had to keep a social distance, and there was a big lockdown. People lost their jobs. Among those who suffered, Daily earners were on the top of the list. They had no work and thus no money to fulfill their basic life needs. In these times, FFP stepped forward and made all the possible arrangements to provide ration bags and other necessities of life to these daily earners. FFP created a sense of brotherhood and empathy with this initiative and made the daily earners realize that they were not alone in the tough times and that FFP got their back.

  • PPE suites for Doctors:

Doctors served as angels in times of global pandemic. However, Pakistan is an underdeveloped country, and most doctors do not have their PPE suites when fighting with Covid. Protecting the health of our superhero doctors was our priority, not only because they needed this to protect themselves from the virus but also because they were saving and protecting many other lives. FFP decided to circulate PPE suites for the real superheroes.

  • Financial Assistance to Families:

Many families were suffering because of financial issues, and the arrival of covid made the struggle harder. There was a lockdown and shutdown of everything, but a few things like online schools kept running. They wanted fees, but there was no money. Parents dishearteningly started to make their children leave the school because running the finances became a big issue. This situation made FFP provide financial assistance and a helping hand to deserving families.

  • Door to Door delivery of aid: 

FFP provided free door-to-door delivery of aid required for covid. This initiative was for people not able to access the covid assistance somehow. Our help reached many areas, and this was one of the successful initiatives.

  • FFP covid helplines:

To provide quick aid for corona and to reach the ones in need quickly, FFP introduced covid helplines. This initiative is in itself a unique contribution of FFP to society. 

  • Protective Face Masks and Covid Kits:

Apart from raising awareness regarding covid, it was also necessary to take principal actions for its prevention. The FFP team passed on protective face masks like N95 and covid kits. This initiative was to lessen the spread of covid as much as possible.

  • PVC face shields:

Along with passing the covid kits, face masks, PPE suits, and other essentials, our team provided the PVC face shields as most research showed that the virus was spreading through faces. It was a detail-oriented initiative of FFP.

  • Corona Eid Bazaar:

To maintain the joy, purity, and happiness that every eid used to bring before covid, FFP set up a free-of-cost eid bazaar for families to come, do their eid shopping, and forget about the sorrows that corona has brought to our lives. 

Ending Words:

“If anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole of humanity.” -Reference (5:32)

Apart from the mentioned initiatives, there are countless efforts that FFP has taken to help and save the lives of fellow beings. With the grace of Almighty Allah, we achieved a milestone, and we hope to continue doing so with enthusiasm. You can also be a part of the good deeds. Visit the official social media handles of FFP for more information.