Best Buffet Dinner + Lunch-Cum-Hi-Tea Buffet in Lahore with Prices


Because of its much-diversified food culture, Lahore is recognized as the “food capital of Punjab.” Lahore has managed to add its own flavors to distinctive foods from around the world, ranging from traditional meals and Continental cuisine to Oriental cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine. Originally, Mughal and Punjabi cuisines heavily impacted the city’s food passion. The city has a variety of eating and buffer choices, ideal for occasions when you wish to indulge in delectable Lahori cuisine with family and friends. Some of Lahore’s best buffet restaurants, noted for their unique flavors, are listed below.

Lalqila Restaurant Lahore

A restaurant depicting the legendary grandeur of splendid and noble past. A vivid and conspicuous realization of the glory of our brilliant esthetical essence. All the way a combination and innovation. Adorned with courtesy of the Mughlai era we offer you to dine out authentic Mughlai, Tandori, Live Bar-B-Que & Traditional Pakistani cuisine

  • Adult – 1949 RS ( inclusive of all taxes )
  • Child – 975 RS  ( inclusive of all taxes)


In Lahore, Tai-Pan is the place to go for excellent Chinese food. It is perhaps a wonderful spot to eat delectable Oriental-style meals, as it is located in the Pearl Continental Hotel. Furthermore, the restaurant’s buffet menu includes a range of vegetarian alternatives. Guests will be reminded of real Chinese cuisine when they see Tai-Pan.

  • Price: PKR 2,250+tax for lunch buffet and PKR 2,250+tax for dinner buffet


This restaurant is one of the highly-rated eateries in Lahore, brought to you by The Monal Restaurant, Islamabad. The Monal is a must-try for one of the best buffet menus in the city, with a spectacular view of Lahore’s skyline, great food, and friendly service.

  • Price: PKR 1345+tax for lunch and hi-tea buffet.
  • PKR 1995+tax Dinner Buffer
  • PKR 995+tax for a Sunday Brunch Buffet.

Nadeem’s Buffet

Nadeem’s Buffet at Gaddafi Stadium has a remarkable view of its lawn from the large-sized windows. You can host birthday, retirement, anniversary parties at the restaurant. They offer a buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant is kid-friendly and is a beautiful place to sit down, whether inside or outside, and have a wonderful meal with friends or family.

The menu is vast and covers every cuisine you could think of, whether that is Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, American, or Mediterranean. The menu at Nadeem’s buffet also offers traditional Pakistani dishes that feature BBQ food items, as well. You also have a choice between twenty types of salads, and at the end of the meal, the buffet boasts forty kinds of desserts.

  • Buffet Price: 1500 to 2000 RS

Avari Hotel

At the Avari Hotel in Lahore is a one-of-a-kind buffet with a wide range of cuisines including Pakistani, Mediterranean, and Continental. The restaurant is one of the few in Lahore that offers an all-day buffet, with a new cuisine featured each night at the dinner buffet.

  • Price: Breakfast buffet PKR 1200+tax
  • Lunch buffer PKR 1700+tax
  • Dinner Buffet PKR 2000+tax
  • Sunday Brunch buffet PKR 2100+tax


If you are seeking a casual dining experience with freshly grilled meat and a beautiful view of the night sky, you need to visit The Tollington in Avari Hotel for an amazing buffet spread of traditional and international barbecue dishes.

Certainly one of the best BBQ restaurants in Lahore, The Tollington is the perfect place to relax after a long day and spend some quality time with your family and friends.

  • Price: PKR 2200 + tax

Village of Salt’N Pepper

Salt’N Pepper Village is a well-known Lahore restaurant that serves a wide range of Pakistani and Middle Eastern cuisine. The restaurant is well-known for its high-quality cuisine and prompt service. It is also one of the greatest and most cheaply priced buffet restaurants in the city.

  • Price: PKR 1695+tax for a lunch-cum-hi-tea buffet.
  • PKR 2395+tax Dinner Buffer


Since 1997, Ziafat Restaurant has been one of the best buffet restaurants in Lahore, Pakistan. Ziafat is always ready to fulfill your dining demands with its high-quality, tasty, and traditional items. A desi Cuisine Buffet Restaurant, with over 20 years of experience in the preparation of Pakistani food; ensuring exquisite quality, and ambiance

  • Price: PKR 1888+tax for a lunch-cum-hi-tea buffet.
  • PKR 1371+tax Dinner Buffer


One of the only few all-day buffet restaurants in Lahore, Kim’s in Avari Hotel offers its customers a diverse selection of Pakistani, Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Continental cuisines throughout the day.

Whereas its décor pays homage to the Mughal era, the breakfast menu at Kim’s comprises of Pakistani and Continental favorites. The restaurant also offers one of the best lunch buffets in Lahore. The menu includes an assortment of traditional and western dishes.

Meanwhile, the dinner buffet at the restaurant features a different cuisine each night. Their menu offers signature dishes from different parts of the world.

  • Cuisine: Multi-Cuisine
  • Timings: All-day buffet
  • Price: Breakfast buffet PKR 1200 + tax | Lunch buffet PKR 1700 + tax | Dinner buffet PKR 2000 + tax | Sunday brunch buffet PKR 2100 + tax


Taipei is an attractive and calming setting, Taipei Restaurant serves the most distinctive and tasty Chinese cuisine in the city, as well as Italian and Continental food.

  • Price Per Head: PKR-1290

There is no doubt that Lahoris like eating, which is one of the reasons why we have so many excellent restaurants, cafés, food courts, and food franchises serving cuisines from all over the world. The restaurants listed above are some of the best in Lahore that provides supper buffets, along with their prices per person and cuisines. Please have a look at 10 Best Restaurants