Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Posture

Physical Exercise for perfect Posture

An old proverb is that eyes reflect about your soul, but this is also true that your posture is the reflection of your health. In short, your posture says a lot about your health and personality. It shows whether your joints and muscles are working properly or not. Just imagine a powerful, courageous and strong person standing in front of you? Obviously, the modern world is the world where there is no future for an idol and weak individual. That is why, you should be cognizant about your physical health. And, when it comes to health; a perfect posture is the first and foremost need. There are different exercises and activities that can improve your posture by strengthening your abdominal and low back muscles.

Crunch with Twist

If you are having problem with your posture, then you really need to add this exercise in your daily routine. Simply, lie on your back by bending your knees and foot on the floor. Now, place your hands behind your head and try to lift yourself up. Also, lift your shoulder off the floor and lower down your shoulder to the floor. Repeat the same steps for maximum 10 to 15 minutes to get the right posture.


Obviously, your back bone plays a great role in keeping your posture perfect. Therefore, whenever you get free time from your hectic routine; perform 15 to 20 sit-ups. This exercise is best to keep your muscles strong and definitely when your muscles will work properly; you will not face the posture problem.

 Try Planks

When it comes to improving your posture, your exercise and healthy activities really matter. The classic plank is the best and easiest core exercise that strengthens your muscles and back bone. You can practice the plank by lying face down on the floor by using your arms and feet. It is like pushups, but in this exercise you have to put your weight on your palms. Raise yourself in a way that your arms remain straight and you can balance your toes and hands properly. It would be great to perform this exercise for at least 20 minutes per day to get perfect posture and health.

Standing on one leg

Another very important exercise to keep your posture correct is to stand on one leg. Simple, stand straight and then lift your one leg and touch it with the knee of another leg. While standing on one leg, make sure your back should be straight. This will work to strengthen your abdominal and backbone that will ultimately help you to correct your posture.


The last but not the least; you can also add swimming in your exercise list to keep your posture perfect. Swimming is a kind of exercise in which your legs, arms and back bone works that improve your physical health. This is pretty obvious that when you will be physically fit; you will not face any posture issue.