Maldives- A Home to Tourist-Friendly Attractions


If you are up for remarkable holidays, the best you can do is to plan a trip to Maldives. Being home to exquisite resorts, vibrant reefs, the bluest water, and water villas, it is undoubtedly one of the best tropical destinations to visit. Maldives is a preferred choice for honeymooners, letting them spend a relaxed vacation while getting the calmest vibes, amidst the soft sandy beaches and calm waters.

Maldives Island is famous not only for its lush views but also for the hospitality it offers, making it a heaven on earth. There are many top tourist attractions in Maldives, letting the visitors fully enjoy their stay. A few of these attractions include 5-star hotels, rejuvenating spas, the yummiest local cuisines, and thrilling water sports.

Once you decide to visit this place, you are going to witness the best time of your life. You can plan different activities to spend your time productively. Heading to the local markets, you can shop for local handicrafts and souvenirs. Referred to as “people’s paradise”, the island is home to the best archeological sites, including National Museum and President Place.

The Most Famous Spots to Visit in Maldives

The appealing views of the Maldives are always waiting for you. You can upsurge your trip experience when you pick up the best hotels for staying. Some of the top hotel picks to make your trip even more fantastic, include Soneva Fushi, Six Senses Iaamu, JA Manafaru, Bandos Maldives, and Taj Exotica Resort and spa.

If you start looking for spots to visit in Maldives, you might get confused when you come across a list of hundreds of points to choose from. The fact is, all the destinations are fully surrounded by breathtaking views.

We have summed up the top tourist attractions in Maldives, that should be at the top of your bucket list.



The artificial beach is one of the most reached destinations in Maldives. As the name sounds, the beach is all artificial, being home to water sports, carnivals, and cozy walks. Before coming to this place, it is recommended to research the costume-related rules for this area.



Situated in South Ari Atoll, Sun Island is another fantastic destination to visit. Fully surrounded by lush greenery and tropical flowers, the place is ideal for those looking for soaking sun while relaxing. The sparkling blue water and stunning views will surely fill your heart and soul with joy.


Male is the most visited place in Maldives and is undoubtedly the liveliest destination to visit. Offering a moderate temperature, there are many activities to perform at this wonderful place.

You can enjoy a visit to the Grand Friday Mosque and National Museum. Moreover, you can also plan scuba diving and snorkeling, and make the best out of the underwater activities. Mostly, this place is preferred by newlywed couples, looking for spending quality time together.


Banana Reef is one of the top tourist attractions in Maldives, for all those who love diving. Same like its name, the entire reef is shaped like a banana. Being the first place for the people of Maldives to acquire their diving and training license, it is a must-visit place for all thrill-lovers.

The daunting caves, stunning views, vibrant corals, and lush cliffs make it an ideal place to visit. As far as the activities here are concerned, you can perform scuba diving, jet skiing in the reef, and visit Manta Point.



Known for its luxurious villas and hospitality, the Como Cocoa Island has a whole new vibe to offer. Tourists can feel the serenity of the white sandy beach and experience the view of the crystal blue waters. With numerous attractions, this place is going to be your next favorite destination in the Maldives.



The Mihri Island is different in a manner that it offers you an opportunity to cut ties with the outer world. There are no TV sets in the hotel rooms, letting you spend ample time with each other, and the beautiful nature around. You can further deepen your connection with nature, enjoy delicious cuisines, and treat yourself to a relaxing spa session. Also, you can plan fun activities here, including snorkeling and diving.



Feydhoo is a place rich in Maldivian culture. It shows a clear picture of how the inhabitants used to live here before its transformation into an airbase by the British. This place is famous for its wide walkways and tempting cuisines. For those who love to learn about history and culture, planning a visit to Feydhoo is a must.

The Perfect Time for Planning Your Visit

The best approach is to consider the weather conditions in the Maldives. The weather here constantly keeps changing. Depending upon your purpose of visiting Maldives, you can plan the trip accordingly. From November to April, the weather is warm enough to let you enjoy all the tropical and beach activities. So, to make the best out of your stay in the Maldives, it is better to plan a trip during the mentioned months.

If you are newlywed, you can consider the months of January to April, offering dry weather conditions, with very little rain or humidity. This weather is ideal for planning a stay at luxury resorts and enjoying the fully serene environment.

However, if you are a water sports lover, you should not consider visiting Maldives during the peak monsoon months, from May to December. By choosing the right visit time, you are going to experience the thrill of rain and the risks of thunders and storms. Still, if you plan a visit during these months, you can enjoy the long spells of sunlight.


It’s time to leave all your worries behind, and fully experience the rich Maldivian culture and the rejuvenating nature around.

Maldives is surely the top-picked destination by tourists. The reason is the vibrant hues, sandy beaches, cliffs, walkaways, dazzling sunshine, and exciting water sports activities. With the right travel packages, you can plan the best trip to this heavenly place and spend quality time with your loved ones.