Burhan Muzaffar Wani Freedom Fighter martyred in Occupied Kashmir


Who was Burhan Wani?

This question is quite ironic as most of the people outside of Kashmir, even Pakistanis, were unaware of his details before his death news. The only source where people get to know about him was social media. In some of the interviews conducted related to this person were not complementing him in any way. He is one of those who became popular among not only his nation but in a great part of Muslim nationals after his death.

Burhan Muzaffar Wani, otherwise called Burhan Wani, was the administrator of Kashmiri aggressor bunch Hizbul Mujahideen whose online networking effort had an effort among an area of Kashmiri Muslim youth. He was executed in an experience with the Indian security powers on 8 July 2016.

How Burhan Wani died?

Burhan was slaughtered in an experience on July 8, 2016 alongside two different warriors later recognized as Sartaj Ahmad Sheik and Pervaiz Ahmad Lashkari. He and his associates were slaughtered in Bundoora town of Kokernag, by a joint group subsequent to being cornered by Special Operations Group of the Jammu and Kashmir.

A huge number of individuals went to Burhan’s memorial service as indicated by a few evaluations. Activists were additionally present at his memorial service and offered him a 21-weapon salute as well. His body wrapped in the banner of Pakistan was buried alongside that of his sibling Khalid in Tral.

In an after death interview with his father, his father denied the fact that he died in a fire exchange between security forces and militants as his body was not having even a single bullet wound. His family also denied him being a part of militancy and they said that he was being tortured by the forces for being a militant’s brother.

Kashmiri’s reaction after Burhan Wani death

When the news of his demise spread, dispute emitted in a few regions of Kashmir Valley. Time limit and curfew was forced in a few spots in South Kashmir amid the night and web administrations in numerous ranges were cut. Hurriyat director Syed Ali Shah Gillani and Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front executive Yasin Malik required a strike to rebel against the murdering of Wani. 11 individuals have died in this rebellious outcome so far and more than 200 individuals have been harmed in the conflicts. More than 20 police headquarters were assaulted by crowds who additionally stole the weapons from the stations and discharged upon the security powers. A Bhartiya Janata Party office in Kulgam was additionally vandalized. Stone pelting was accounted from numerous parts in Kashmir.

Media’s response to the incident

Right after Wani’s death Indian media is seen publishing different articles and news related to his death. Even Indian state said that the incident was an anti-terrorist operation and his death made it successful.

Right after his death, a video got leaked on social media in which Al-Qaida has given a message for Kashmiris to fight against Indian forces mentioning that they should stand for their self, should carry out attacks against their enemy (that is Indian Army according to them) and should cut their throats bringing “Kufr” to its end.

How UNO reacted to these most recent incidents relating Burhan Wani’s death?

When it comes to the reaction of UNO, it is seen as same like the issue of Kashmir territory between India and Pakistan. And just like the above mentioned issue the query of Wani’s militancy and his death being considered as right or wrong is also contradictory. India and Pakistan both countries are the allies to UN so it has always seen that UNO has never been able to bring this dispute to an end and call for the justification of current situation of occupied Kashmir.