10 Best Pakistani Male and Female News Anchors

best Pakistani Male- Female News Anchors

News anchors are journalists who notify the world mood by documenting regional, domestic and international journalistic stories and events. They use their talents as a lead journalist in the telecast of television news to deliver the message to their viewer appropriately and concisely. They are the specialists who link or retain a news program together, as the job title suggests. They preserve the consistency of programs among both sections after field journalists provide their stories. Popular news anchors have supporters, viewer numbers who trust and favor them. Some anchors are recognized for particular historical events years after they resign. As their viewers tend to watch them for a couple of hours a day, news anchors are much longer in the workplace. Below is a list of best news anchors in Pakistan. 

Best Male News Anchor

1. Kamran Khan


He has presented in Journalism a new distribution pattern and is renowned for investigating these marginalized elements of the Pakistani society. While he seems to be on a holiday at the time after accumulating a lot of money from a couple of years of journalism.

2. Shahzeb Khanzada 


‘Aj Shahzeb Khanzada ke Saath’ is a talk show hosted by Shahzeb Khanzada. This is published in Geo News between Monday and Friday and it’s all about political discourse. The show started in 2015 and still receives a great deal of attention. In 2013, Shahzeb Khanzada was awarded the Pakistan Media Award for the Best Anchor Person. 

3. Dr. Shahid Masood


Dr. Shahid Masood is a highly regarded reporter. He’s a highly qualified physician, nevertheless. The 53-year old conducts and analyses an exhibition on GNN (Gourmet News Network). The show is ‘Live with Masood’ by Dr. Shahid. Moreover, he has been initially Group CEO of Geo News and a qualified CEO for ARY News. Dr. Shahid Masood was considerably a special advisor to Yousaf Razah Gillani, our former Pakistani Prime Minister . Since 2001, he has worked in the entertainment industry. On the basis of his encounter, you can assume his understanding and skills. 

4. Hamid Meer


As a Sub-Editor of the Urdu Daily Jung, Hamid Meer decided to join the printing media in 1987. Believe this or not, unfortunately for writing a critical article he has gotten kidnapped and beaten. Afterwards, he was expelled from his work for leaching confidential information in 1994 when his article appeared. However in 1996 he was subsequently the youngest publisher of the National Urdu daily. Hamid Mir was also the initial individual in 1997 to be interviewed physically by ‘Osama bin Laden.’ Hamid Mir is now appearing as our national analyst on BBC, CNN and different Indian news channels.. He later began working with Geo News, but he left his job in 2018 after he received death threats. 

5. Sabir Shakir


Sabir Shakir is a well-known Pakistani news analyst, reporter and journalist at the ARY Digital Network. He has more than 20 years of professional experience and a high depth of understanding. In addition, he has his private YouTube channel called ‘Sabir Shakir’s top news’. Moreover, on his YouTube channel alone there are over 700,000 fans.

6. Mubashir Luqman


The personality of Mubashir Luqman is absolutely fascinating and cheery. He’s a reporter-turned Pakistani filmmaker. Besides that, in 2007, he was Punjab’s caretaker minister for IT. From 2007, Mubashir Luqman started his reporter’s career. Since he could analyze different policy circumstances, other famous news channels began contacting him. He joined Business Plus as a TV host. Afterward he decided to join the Express News and began organizing a ‘Point Blank’ show. After which he relocated to Dunya News and hosted another political commentary, Khari Baat Luqman Ke Saath. He decided to join ARY News, the BOL Network, Channel 24 and Samma Samma TV following these programs. 

7. Saleem Safi


Safi has a long and successful career in the industry as a reporter, journalist and political commentator. He also publishes for the Urdu journal Jang, presently a part of Geo TV. He is an Afghan specialist and has authored a book on this subject as well. Saleem Safi often raises young issues in his show, a strong critique of Prime Minister Imran Khan. He supported the joint venture of ex-FATA into KP, and held a number of shows to reinforce demand. He was a great supporter of it.

8. Iqrar ul Hassan


At present Iqrar ul Hassan is the host of the popular ‘Sar E Aam’ program of ARY News. If his supporter accounts on social networking sites are something to get around, he is among the country’s most popular news reporters. In 2006, he started his career. He also hosts the Ramazan broadcast of the channel. 

9. Wajahat S Khan


Graduate of University of Michigan, Wajahat S Khan has been educated at the Karachi Grammar School. His recent visit to the Prime Minister’s house in a television series has gained much popularity. He was also nominated for an Emmy in a regular schedule news broadcast classification for an absolutely stellar media attention of a Breaking News Story.

10. Talat Hussain


Talat Hussain is also a well-known TV personality, a reporter and broadcaster for foreign affairs. For years he has been engaged and talks so that his fans will enjoy him. He is now hosting a talk show on the Geo News on political issues. The show is named ‘ Naya Pakistan’ with Talat Hussain. 

Best Female News Anchor

1. Sadaf Jabbar


Sadaf Abdul Jabbar is a renowned Pakistani news anchor and host. She is one of Pakistan’s young newscasters who ultimately led this profession positively. Sadaf has a fair sized group of supporters for its different and innovative style of presentation. She is one of the few news anchors that has so far been dedicated to one news channel.  Sadaf belongs to Karachi, Sindh. At present she hosts the show “Ab Tak” by ARY. 

2. Asma Shirazi 


In 2006 she decided to join Geo News and began her career as radio presenter in Pakistan Radio. She also covered the Lebanon War, in which fame and recognition were received. At the moment, she’s a host of Aaj News. 

3. Gharida Farooqi


Gharida Farooqi was an anchor of Geo’s news and news anchor. As a newscaster and host of the program, she decided to join Samaa TV. Following a successful package and program offer in Samaa, Farooqi left Geo. She hosts a “60 Minutes” political discussion show on Samaa TV. Gharida is an exceptional and courageous anchor woman. She has organized several shows where she played very well. 

4. Ayesha Jahanzeb


Ayesha Jahanzeb has been one of the top 10 women’s anchors in Pakistan in2019. She is host of one of the major 11PM TV show. Moreover, she’s a musician  and senior reporter. Geo TV comedy show “Khabar Naak” is hosted by Ayesha Jahanzeb. The achievement of this comedy show is due to the aesthetic and personal characteristics of Ayesha Jahanzeb and other renowned comedians. 

5. Maria Memon


Maria Memon is an anchor news reporter in Geo News. She is a skilled, trustworthy, and lovely mainstream press lady. Since 2008, Maria has been working for geo televisions and now is top-of-the-line. At first Maria hosted the project “Mere Mutabiq” that showed self belief to demonstrate her media skills.

6. Ayesha Baksh 


Ayesha Baksh made her debut as news reporter from ARY NEWS. She decided to join Geo News as a news anchor, where she hosted several programs as well. The program “Report Card” was then allocated to her. Currently GNN is linked to Ayesha Bakhsh. 

7. Marium Farhan


Marium Farhan is the Pakistani news corporation’s female senior anchor. Her career as a sporting events anchor started with Geo News. After which she began news on the same channel. She was part of the “Bulls & Bears” launching program team on Pakistan TV. On the contract of Geo TV, she relocated again to Geo News forward to effectively starting the show and running for quite a while. For 3 years she featured on the NEO TV morning show with top three typical rankings. She hosts a Weekend Brunch show on the GNN at the moment. 

8. Sana Mirza


Sana Mirza is a famous anchor for Pakistan’s Geo News. She is a working news reporter and news recorder, together with a participant in the compilation of the script for a news journal. In 2003-2004, she began part time work with FM radio and performed as an anchor as well as a producer on multiple channels. Sana Mirza is an MBBS physician. She’s one of Pakistan’s most important newscasters now. Her influential voice, her good look, her interpretation of news are best known for her.  At first, she began her radio jockey career with FM 100 and was very successful. Then, before consolidating with GEO she had worked on various television channels. 

9. Jasmeen Manzoor


Birthed in Karachi and having an international relations master. In 1999, Jasmeen Manzoor began her PTV professional life. She was added to the SAMAA TV channel in March. She’s presently doing a news 1 show titled “Jasmeen tonight.” She won a lot of prizes.

10. Shumaisa Rehman


Shumaisa Rehman is among Pakistan’s most refined, trained and extemporaneous news industry anchors. She was connected to various television channels. She is presently hosting the PTV World program  “The Minister.”