Latest Bridal Dresses Trends In Pakistan


The Wedding Season Begins

As the year culminates, it heralds the forthcoming wedding season with much joy and eagerness. The welcoming cool season is the perfect time for celebrations and marital ceremonies and the never ending pre and post wedding festivities. This as usual calls for a revamp in your wardrobe as wedding dresses for girls are the most sought after items in the market as everyone is looking for something chic, glamourous and at the same time not too heavy on the pocket.

The fun times begin as the pre wedding planning takes place and throngs of women and children venture out into the bazaars and shops looking for the perfect clothes in varying colors and fabrics which are in vogue for the current year.

Wedding Dress Trends for Girls

They are looking for something timeless and traditional and each shadi dresses design needs to have that unique look and a touch of artisanship for the many events that take place in a typical Pakistani wedding. The clothes of the bride and the groom are of foremost attention and orders are placed a few months in advance for the perfect jora for them to glow in on their special day. Then comes the close family members and of course the long awaited friends each vying to look their ultimate best. 

The four most important events that take place are of the Mehndi, Baraat, Nikah and Valima and without them a typical Pakistani wedding is incomplete.

Colorful Mehndi Dresses for Girls

The Mehndi, which is the most fun loving event for the youngsters is the occasion the young girls go all out in their fashion. Adorned in bright colorful lehengas, ghararas and shararas with long and short tops and flowing gota trimmed dupattas they enjoy to beat of the dholak and music singing and dancing with henna tinted hands and floral gajras on their wrists. 

The clothes on this day are generally of light fabrics like chiffon and silk with touches of embellishments, embroidery and shimmer so they can enjoy the night out. Chundri ghararas, with matching or contrasting shirts in bright colors are also the ever popular choice by the youngsters these days. These traditional outfit designs have been the trend since many years. However the combination of colors and the play of hand craftsmanship on these designs is where the magic lies. Shades of yellows, greens, oranges and pinks dominate the evening as the traditional colors of any mehndi event.

Latest Styles for Girls for the Nikkah Ceremony  

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The Nikkah is usually a paler affair as soft pinks and whites are mostly worn in rich banarsi fabrics. Paneling and heavy motifs are embroidered on angrakhas and peshwas style garments as the friends and family of the bride and groom solemnize the Nikah ceremony. Long Maxis style dresses are also very much in trend these days for girls as they give a graceful look and bring out a modern look. Recently these long dresses have made a brand new entrance into the fashion scene in Pakistan and this elaborate style is definitely one to linger on for the next few shadi seasons amongst the fashionable ladies. 

Fashion Styles for Girls for the Barat Ceremony

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The Baraat is the most important function for a young bride as that is the day, she is the center of everyone’s eyes. Bright and bold colors dominate this function and rich velvety ghararas and shararas are mostly worn by the young girls. The ever popular sari is also mostly graced by women as it is one of the most formal dressing trends in Pakistan which never goes out of fashion. 

Shadi Dress Designs for the Valima Function

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As the wedding ends the final main event of the Valima calls for a stylish and majestic look by the family and friends. Long gowns in banarsi fabrics or long shirts with wide loose pants embroidered in gold and silver adorned with a tye and dye dupatta are stylized into a mesmerizing design to give a formal look as they wish the newly wedded couple a life of harmony and bliss. 

Post Wedding Functions and Fashion Styles

As the wedding of any loved ones ends, the after wedding invites begin which are another festive occasion to meet the newly wedded bride and groom once again. The fashion style which prevails at this time is of semi formal wear which is both rich in design yet stylish but less heavy then the wedding clothes. Block printed silk three piece suits are a great choice to give that semi formal look but yet not be too glamourous .Embroidered long chiffon shirts accompanied with silk pants are also a popular trend these days to give the desired look. And a simple chiffon sari is a fashion which never goes out of style for the young ladies to meet and greet once again.   

Eastern Traditions for the Fashionable 

Traditional eastern designs dominate the bridal trends in Pakistan and the shadi dress designs are of the classic style, although softer colors have made a brand new entrance in the current trend the bold hues of red, maroon and burgundy are the colors which never go out of style. Flowy fabrics, rich velvets and raw silks are the perfect choice for fabrics as they can be embellished with hand adda work and sequins and beads to give a formal look. However the cut of the garment is where the modern look comes in, with sleeveless tops entering the market trends and stylish front open kameez adorned with hand work and colorful embroideries will always be en vogue. 

Vibrant Wedding Clothes Make Ever Lasting Memories 

Pakistani weddings are those special moments of frolic and laughter where memories are made and the bond of the family and friends grows stronger hence when you are looking your best these priceless moments are enjoyed even more. Vibrant hues and ethereal silhouettes are the choice of the wedding season as these cherished occasions are celebrated and memories are made forever.