Watersports: Benefits and Types You Can Try Right Away.


It’s the summer and you are thinking of ways to get active. You might go out for a run or a bike ride down the road but exhaustion will eventually take its toll. Many people try to deny it but watersports are actually a great escape from your boredom. 

Watersports are not only a fun getaway to enjoy with friends and family but are also activities that cool you down. In addition to that, watersports might seem un-tiring but they do provide a great burn in calories without you even noticing. 

There is this perception about watersports that, they are a waste of time, and also can be a little more dangerous than common activities. 

Well, let us show you how this is far from the truth. Read along to find out about the health benefits of watersports and what activities you can try out right away. 

Why Try Out Watersports?


The exercise you get through watersports is different from the physical exercise you do in the gym or while playing sports. The plus point is that it is a low-impact activity, which minimizes the chances of serious injuries. 

Sports like surfing, boarding, and swimming incorporate all the muscle groups of your body. Not only that, these activities put your cardiovascular strength to a great test as most sports require continuous movement.  

Water sports are for everyone, whether you don’t want to tire yourself out much or you want to incorporate it as part of your workout. 

Outdoor Fun

Whichever water sport you get involved in, most probably it will make you get out of your house. This is really helpful nowadays because the digital world has taken over our lives as much as we try to deny it. 

Kids playing on phones and consoles, our work now requires us to stare at a computer screen all day, it’s a blessing that we get to spend time outdoors. 

Beaches, lakes, rivers, and even your town swimming pool can provide you with a great get away from your life’s dull parts and brighten them up a bit.  

Continuous Activity

Watersports unlike other sports involve continuous movement and activity. Land sports often require periods of rest. However, in the case of watersports, you need to put effort into floating or moving through the water. 

Swimming and rowing along with others are activities that require the person to maintain a steady routine of strokes to keep moving through the water. 

Others like surfing and paddleboarding require constant adjustments to avoid falling in the water, keeping the body active throughout the activity. 

Opportunity To Explore

Water sports allow you to get exposed to different habitats like the ocean, lakes, rivers, and others. This makes most of the water sports really adventurous and full of adrenaline. 

However, it is always recommended that you carefully look at local laws and keep up with the latest whether for the betterment of your safety. 

Water sports to try out during the summer

1. Waterskiing


From your phone screens waterskiing might look like an easy task, but only the people who have managed to stand up on a waterski when being pulled by a boat at a steady pace, truly know how hard it is. This activity uses up your full body, as you have to grip the tow rope and try to keep your legs underneath you. 

Once you manage to get up on the ski it’s all about balancing your weight in the skis while water rushes underneath you. Taking it all in, you feel a great sense of accomplishment and adrenaline. Another thing you can try during this activity is dropping your skis and slalom along the river or the beach wherever you choose to do this activity. 

Balancing on both skis is not an easy task but here is a quick tip on how to do so. The best way is to first keep the skis in front of you and tuck your knees against your chest. This is because the further your knees are, the harder it is to get up. Being in a crouched position allows you to be more agile and jump out of the water quickly. 

2. Wakeboarding


Wakeboards are the snowboards of the water world. Wakeboards require much less effort in managing to stand up on than skis. This is mainly due to the design, as wakeboards have a bigger surface area. 

When starting out, keep the board in front of you, and as the boat moves and pulls you forward, the board will automatically allow you to put your leading leg ahead and stand. 

Feeling a little adventurous? The waves and the pressure of the water below create slopes that you can use to jump. 

3. Kneeboarding


Wakeboarding looking a bit complicated? Then start out with knee boarding as it is much easier and has more balance to it. The boards used here are shaped like a teardrop and have straps that you need to put over your thighs. 

Just like waterskiing and boarding, you have to hold onto a rope while a boat is pulling you. The more adventurous you are the more air time you can get. 

The positive thing about knee boarding is that the shock you get while landing is less compared to the other two. You can also try a 360-degree turn. 

Kneeboarding is a great way to start off and go through the water. It is the starting point for you to work your way up towards other tow watersports. 

4. Surfing


Probably among the most popular watersports is surfing. It has been practiced for thousands of years and has been a part of many cultures. 

Surfing unlike the previously mentioned activities involves no tows, meaning that all you have to do is wait for the right wave to arrive. Imagine being in the water and you see a wave coming in behind you. 

You paddle slowly ahead of it and once it reaches you, the board is locked in and rides you towards the glamourous shore. It is a matter of patience, but once you surf on the right wave the feeling is unparalleled. 

Surfing is great for anyone who has reached a certain age limit. However, it is recommended not to surf when the waves are aggressive. 

5. Kayaking 


Another soothing activity that you can do in the water is Kayaking. Is there a river or lake nearby? Perfect! Paddling on a Kayak will not only get you relaxed but you get a unique chance to explore the wilderness. 

Kayaks are not a new invention; they have been around for centuries. Caribbean Indians in particular used to make such vehicles by carving out tree trunks and travelling between islands.

Kayaking is a popular choice for many because it brings peace and quiet. The only sounds you hear are your paddles hitting the water. Making it ideal for you to grab some food and head on to your nearest lake or river and explore. 

6. Jet Skiing 

Jet Skiing 

Jet Skis offer a great punch of adrenaline while riding them. If you want to own one then you’ll probably need a license to ride in freely and have a great time. However, it is quite common for jet ski rentals to be available at the beaches near you. 

Jet skis allow you to jump waves and allow you to go into deep waters. You can also experience how it feels to travel quickly on water. 



Alright, let’s take a backseat and look for something relaxing. Is there anything better than fishing and enjoying the sunset along with oceanic winds flowing and catching different types of fish each with different characteristics? 

It is a great getaway from the busy urban life to experience with friends and family. The moment increases value when you catch fish to put on the grill and enjoy the fresh taste. 

Fishing can also be done in rivers and lakes, also pretty relaxing destinations for your fishing trip. It is important to complete all the local permits to avoid ruining the fun. 



The world that we live in has many wonders. Busy with the urban life we often forget the interesting things you can find if you explore. A great way to start is snorkeling. 

It might look like that there is no point just floating above the water and looking down at the ocean. However, trying it out firsthand may surprise you. Oceans contain colorful reefs, mesmerizing rock formations, and different fish, which are a fantastic watch. 

All you need is a pair of goggles and a snorkel. No heavy equipment, you won’t have to go far, so why head on to your nearest beach with your families and kids for a great experience. It is recommended to add sunscreen on your back as all that floating around on water can intensify the sun’s rays. 

Swimming Laps

Swimming Laps

The most basic activity you can do in the water is swim. It has a number of benefits, as it is an activity that uses your full body. Another great thing about it is that is a low-impact sport. 

Swimming laps in a pool or the ocean positively impacts endurance, heart rate, and muscle shape. Swimming mainly targets your cardiovascular strength meaning your lung capacity gets a major boost when you swim. 

Swimming laps allow your body to get toned quickly as it really makes your arms, core, legs, and back to work. 

Swimming Games

Swimming Games

Remember Marco Polo or Fire on the Wall? These were great games if you regularly went for a swim in your childhood. These games are ideal for kids to have a blast with peers or family members because throwing it back to childhood times is a great way to pass the time for adults. 

Health Benefits of Water Sports

Less chances of chronic disease

As mentioned above water sports allows you to use all of your major muscles, because you are constantly moving in the water. Even if you don’t move your muscles still need to stay active for you to stay afloat. 

They are also a major boost to your metabolism. This is basically the process where your body turns your food into energy. A higher metabolism allows you to burn more calories naturally. 

Thus, regularly participating in water sports keeps you healthy, by strengthening your immune system and increasing resistance towards chronic diseases. Allowing you to get sick less and enjoy a healthy life. 

Fight Diabetes and Heart Issues

People with heart issues and diabetes are recommended to change their lifestyle. As these issues mostly arise in adults, most of them don’t have the energy to take up land-sports. Watersports are a great solution as it is less tiring but still can keep you active enough to reduce stress. 

Ideal For Arthritis Patients 

Floating in water and taking part in watersports is light on your joints as it is a low-impact activity. Activities like swimming will use your affected joints without causing any harm to them. 

Better Bone Density

Jumping in water or performing other watersports majorly uses your muscle groups. They allow your muscles to work harder during activities like swimming, boarding, and others. An increase in strength in your muscles in return stabilizes your bone health. 

Decrease in stress

Water sports are good for the body but, the mental relief that you get while performing these activities is also really beneficial. When you experience the calm waters flowing through you and the noise of the waves hitting the shore, you experience a sense of calmness. 


Watersports just like other physical activities are a great way to escape today’s busy lifestyle and give rest to your system for a bit. Offering a range of mental, physical, and other benefits makes it an ideal choice to stay active and enjoy some of nature’s beautiful wonders. There is a common misunderstanding that watersports are boring, this article provided you with some of the most interesting activities you can do while being in the water.