Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Asia


Asia is the largest continent on the planet Earth concerning both size and population. Filled with cultural amalgamation, there are numerous places to visit in Asia that would fill up the adventure thirst of any traveler. Whether it’s the snow-peaked mountains, hilly areas representing nature’s delight, big robust cities, civilizational preserves, or historical landmarks, Asia has it all. There are so many places to visit that tourists find it difficult to make their choice. We’ll help you make up your mind by pointing out the top 10 destinations to be put on your bucket list that would cover every aspect of an adventurous and memorable traveling experience.

The Island country of Singapore tops the destinations list because of the variety of destinations and cultures it offers, providing tourists with a luxurious and comforting outlook of its most attractive spots. The country also has an amalgamation of different cultures because of its majority immigrant population and therefore, attracts travelers from different regions around the world. And being one of the tech hubs in the world, as well as having a thriving economy, the country provides ease of travel to tourists at various levels. The cultural amalgamation extends to offering a variety of cuisines, especially Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian. While places like China Town provide the local taste and ambiance of the country.


Specific places to be visited in Singapore include Marina Bay Sands, Chinatown, Clarke Quay, Jurong Bird Park, Sentosa Islands, Orchard Road, Gardens by the Bay, and Singapore Flyer. The famous foods to be tried include Satay, chili crab, Nasi Goring, and street food. The ideal time to visit Singapore is between December and June.


Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Hindu temple with boat on Bratan lake landscape at sunrise in Bali, Indonesia.

Indonesia is regarded as a land of islands and a place offering breathtaking, soul-soothing, and stunning natural climate and wildlife. There are estimated over 17000 islands in this single country and hence, never bores tourists from visiting this place again and again. There are historical places as well but the most attractive place to visit there is Bali Island. Bali Island is not only the most visited destination by tourists in Indonesia but, around the world as well. This small island offers beautiful beaches, wildlife parks, and several historical places to visit for adventure. Adventurers can take swimming lessons in the pristine waters surrounded by stunning scenery. Relax or party on the beaches while enjoying the breathtaking views of nature. Visit historical places like temples or trekking in the paddy fields. Bali Island provides visitors with every aspect of a stunning adventurous place to visit. While other interesting places to visit there include Lombok, Kuta, and Monkey Park in Ubud. The visitors also get to experience serenity by performing yoga and mindfulness exercises among the heaven-like views of the Islands. The famous foods to try there are Satay, Nasi Goreng, rending, and coconut water. December to June is a perfect time to visit because of the cool climate.


Cambodia is one of the all-time recommended destinations for lovers of adventure and serene environment lovers. The country consists of stunning landscapes, low-lying plains, and an all-encompassing natural beauty and tasty cuisine it offers to visitors. The most visited destination in Cambodia is Siem Reap which is known as the doorway to the famous and historical Angkor Wat temple. This city is home to the Khmer people as well. Adventure lovers have plenty to explore, including the ruins of several temples located here. And along with the temple complex, Bayon, Koh Rong, Beng Malea, Phnom Penh, and Ta Prohm, are other adventurous places to visit near Siem Reap. After enjoying an adventurous visit to all these temple places, the tourists can visit any café or restaurant for enjoying the local cuisine. These local eateries offer rich, and umami flavors that tourists will enjoy. Some of the famous eateries include Kuy Teav, Amok, and pepper crab.


Thailand is perfect for any couple to start their trip as it is home to beautiful beaches, Islands, and several historical places and hence, known as a ‘honeymoon paradise’. And the most sought-after of these places are Phuket, Phi Phi Island, and Chiang Mai. Phuket is the best destination to start the holiday trip as it has one of the most stunning and cleanest beaches in Asia. And not far from Phuket, resides the renowned clutch of Islands in Thailand called Phi Phi Island which can easily be reached by ferries. The tropical climate of these beaches along with the palm trees and turquoise oceans make these beaches, the perfect spots for a soothing and memorable experience. Tourists can also enjoy the night party life as there are several pubs and clubs on these beaches. And the daytime is perfect for the scuba diving experience as there are several sea animals and aquatic life that are worth exploring. In northern Thailand, resides the laid-back city of Chiang Mai where visitors can quench their thirst for adventure. The places that are worth exploring include ancient ruins like Phra Singh and Chedi Luang, as well as going trekking in the nearby hilltops, and learning about the local food. It is worthwhile to mention here that Chiang Mai City is a tech-savvy place for remote employees so it would be easy for tourists to enjoy their time as well as get their work done.


Another known wedding or honeymoon destination is Maldives which consists of beautiful beaches and is well-known as the ‘beach paradise’. It is surely a place suitable to amplify romance and therefore is greatly recommended for newlyweds especially. There are many islands there to explore as well as have an adventurous and peaceful scuba diving experience and spend some romantic time by the sea. These exotic places also offer nightlife party scenes for the young party animals. The glowing beach is one of the unique spots in the Maldives as well as the National Museum. Banana flower salad, Masroshi, and Garudhiya are unique eateries to be tried there. The hospitality of the people and the infrastructure make these places much more welcoming and provide at-home comfort. The ideal time to visit the Maldives is between Mid of December and April. The Male Airport is a well-linked airport to destinations around the world. From the airport, ferries or seaplanes can be used to reach the beach destination.


Japan is a country that holds up to its age-long traditions and passes them down to its generation on the one hand while showcasing the modern, urban lifestyle on the other hand. One of these all-time recommended places as a holiday destination for tourists is Tokyo in Japan. The luxurious, elegant, and vibrant lifestyle of the city in the day, and a night full of lights and several parties and places to shop from, make this city a must-visit holiday destination. The Tokyo Tower as well as other jaw-dropping skyscrapers light up the sky at night and give the message of a night of endless entertainment and party opportunities. The ancient Buddhist temple of Senso Ji gives the message of the containment of age-long Japanese traditions. While the Akihabara presents the modern Japanese entertainment culture with activities provided like arcade gaming, food, and shopping opportunities to its visitors. To truly experience ancient Japanese traditions, Kyoto is another Japanese city to be visited. As mentioned earlier, this city represents traditional Japan, its customs and values as well as, the natural landscape of the country. In modern linguistics, this city has one of the most Instagrammable places like the Aaryshiama Bamboo Forest and the Fushimi Inari Shrine. There are numerous parks, over 10,000 Inari Shrines, and around 1500 temples in the city. Take a bike ride on the Philosopher’s Path and visit temples like Kinkau-ji temple and other shrines and parks as well. And remember to enjoy the local eateries like matcha tea and udon noodles.


Taipei is Taiwan’s capital city and ranks among the top recommended places to visit. The city is among the few places that offer beautiful landscapes, awe-inspiring skyscrapers, museums, markets, palatable cuisines, and hospitable locals. It is a budget-friendly city and hence, a well-suited destination for most tourists. To be precise, there are several places to visit starting from the well-known Taipei 101 Tower which offers a stunning panoramic view of the city. Other landmarks include the National Palace Museum, Kai-shek Memorial Hall, and Lungshan Temple. The old city and the new city is walking down the streets of Zhongzheng and Ximen districts. take a side trip to the iconic Jiufen Old Street. Visit places like Amba Taipei Ximending, Shi Lin, and Raohe, to enjoy their unique delicacies like Stinky tofu, bao buns, and fried chicken.


Doha is the capital city of Qatar and has recently become one of the most visited destinations due to the occurrence of 2022 Fifa World Cup there. Tourists from all over the world especially Europeans also gathered in this city to enjoy several football matches held for the first time outside of Europe, in any Muslim country. The city otherwise, ranks among the recommended destination for various reasons. First of all, when it comes to the budget, Doha is less expensive than its counterpart i.e. Dubai. The city encompasses the Arabic heritage but also rapidly modernizing and developing with much ongoing construction. There are several places to visit like gigantic skyscrapers, digital museums, mosques, beaches, restaurants, theme parks, and wildlife parks. And to enjoy Arabic, Indian, Pakistani, and other continental cuisines, there are several restaurants to choose from. Some of the unique local eateries include Saloona, Majboos, and Luqaimat. The destination is among the top recommendation for family holidays. Due to the hot climate of the city, the best time to visit Doha is between December and March.


The capital city of Shanghai in China is another sought-after destination for tourists where east meets west. It is China’s most populated city and became an attraction for tourists from all over the world especially because of the occurrence of the 2022 Winter Olympics there. There is no lack or shortage of tall, and futuristic skyscrapers, and one such view of these skyscrapers can be taken from The Bund located in the Lujiazui district. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower provides a panoramic view of the city to its visitors through a glass floor viewing platform. For cultural sightseeing, the Jade Buddha and Jing’an Temple are important places to pay a visit. When it comes to the eatery, the trip is incomplete without trying the unique Shanghai specialty called xiaolongbao available in a well-known restaurant called Jia Jia Tang Bao. There is no shortage of places as there are several other museums, parks, and restaurants, to be visited and explored.


The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is an interesting choice to make because of its unique and beautiful culture. The stunning landscape, mountains, and huge ancient temples give a unique spiritual aura to the city. There is one of the largest Stupas in the world preserved by UNESCO world heritage called Nath Stupa to witness the Tibetan Buddhist culture. The Kathmandu Durbar Square has several 3rd-century courtyards, palaces, and temples. Walking in this complex and visiting all such places is a unique experience for travelers. The Royal Palace is one such unique and magnificent place to visit while the Monkey Temple offers travelers a view of the whole city. There resides the holiest temple called the Bouddhanath Stupa as well as the oldest Hindu temple in Nepal called the Pashupatinath Temple. This temple is visited by around seven million devotees every year on the occasion of the Mahashivratri Festival. Other than this, there are other leisure activities to do like enjoying the spa facilities, taking cooking classes, hiking and biking by the nearby mountains, etc. The Chitwan safari tour is a unique experience in Nepal and there are several other unique traveling opportunities available there that will keep the tourists busy exploring.

These were the top 10 travel destinations in Asia in  which are highly recommended to our viewers.