Top 16 Unforgettable Things You Must Do in Caribbean Island


If you plan to visit the sparkling beaches and seek a tropical escape as a sun seeker, you must consider Caribbean Island. You can enjoy the rich culture, world-class sand stretches, delicious cuisines, and exciting adventures. Due to these exciting activities, this place is popular and gets jam-packed; still, you must try it.

Try to take part in Caribbean fare, enjoy the exotic view of fish, and take the chance to swim alongside the pigs. Witness the breathtaking sunset views and gorgeous waterfalls for a lifelong, memorable journey of your life. If you are looking for sun, sand, and relaxation, this Caribbean Island is a complete package.

Keep reading to unveil exciting activities and thrilling adventures before visiting Caribbean Island. We have enlisted everything in detail so you don’t miss a single point and ensure that this place is worth visiting.

1. Explore Brimstone Hill Fortress

Explore Brimstone Hill Fortress

The Brimstone Hill Fortress is a popular place to unfold the alluring history and witness the enchanting views, and it’s also considered the most well-known UNESCO World Heritage Site. This fortress was constructed for the British military in the 18th and 19th centuries and is situated on the island’s northeastern edge.

This fortress is located at almost 800 feet above sea level and gives a look of enchanting scenery from the hilltop. However, it played a significant role in history but still can be viewed from at least six nearby islands.

2. Breathtaking Views of Pigeon Island National Park

Breathtaking Views of Pigeon Island National Park

With the island’s fantastic viewpoint and historic beaches, the trail to Fort Rodney gives an enchanting look all along the way. Along the route, you’ll find some informational content on the signboards that details the fort’s history.

The fort gives enchanting views and gives you insights from a cultural and historical point of view. You’ll get to know how much is the significance of the structure of this fort that Admiral George Rodney built.

3. Mexico’s Chacchoben Ruins

 Mexico’s Chacchoben Ruins

You can find this historic venture just outside of Costa Maya, and they are said to be there from 200 B.C. Most people remember this place as ‘the place of red corn’. Explore the beauty of this ancient city among the cohune palms and mahogany trees.

This place depicts the beauty of pyramid structures, courtyards on vast areas, and temples. It’s awe-inspiring to explore the temple vessels that once contributed various goods to the nearby Temple 1 that were needed for the sacrifices. Going through these temples, you’ll feel a connection with the Maya city.

4. Hiking at Waitukubuli National Trail in Dominica

Hiking at Waitukubuli National Trail in Dominica

If you want an unforgettable Caribbean vacation experience, don’t forget to add the Caribbean 115-mile-long trail. It’s a long hour of hiking at Waitukubuli National Trail in Dominica, divided into 14 sections. So, it depends on whether you tackle as many or as few problems as you want.

Although 2015 Storm Erika disrupted some parts of Dominic, you can enjoy its trails because the Island is ready to welcome visitors. You just need to buy a ticket for 1 or 15 days, according to your choice. We guarantee you’ll have breathtaking views no matter which route you explore.

5. Swim with Pigs in the Bahamas

Swim with Pigs in the Bahamas

The Caribbean is famous for sand, sunshine, and beautiful trails, but there is one more thing you must not miss: its incredible sea life. You might have experienced swimming with fish, but the Caribbean offers a different experience of swimming with pigs.

Numerous white, pink, and brown pigs are on the white sandy beach. Due to their presence, locals have given the name ‘Pig Beach’. These pigs were not there from the start, and their existence is not evident. Some people claim that some sailors dropped them off, while others say they swam to shore due to a shipwreck. The reason for their existence on this beach is not apparent, but you must add the experience of swimming with pigs to your bucket list.

6. Climb Up the Gros Piton 

Climb Up the Gros Piton 

Are you a gym freak or trying to experience something challenging for your muscles? Add the 786-meter Gros Piton to climb up as a challenge and witness the incredible sites of the Caribbean from the top. Although the hike takes up to 5 hours, it’s much easier to climb, and in the end, you’ll view the unique landscape. While preparing for your visit to Caribbean Island, add this adventure to your bucket list.

7. Swimming with Stingrays at Cayman Island 

Swimming with Stingrays at Cayman Island 

As the name shows, Stingray City is famous for the Stingrays found in the crystal clear water at the North Sound on Grand Cayman. You can enjoy the experience of swimming with Stingrays and can even feed them. Don’t worry this creature is super friendly, and you will enjoy this experience to the fullest.

Go for scuba diving with experts out there and be a part of the adventure of sitting on the ocean floor, and you’ll never forget this fantastic experience. For a family activity, you can enjoy Stingrays in just one meter of water and interact with them in playful ways.

8. Visit the Grace Bay Beach

Visit the Grace Bay Beach

Just visit Grace Bay Beach for once, and you’ll never regret it as it has the ideal look of fine white sand with clear turquoise water. This place feels like heaven when you witness the enchanting view of sunsets daily. Besides sunrise and sunset views, there is much more to do.

You can try various water sports, parasailing, sailing a Hobie Cat, snorkeling, jet skiing, windsurfing, and paddle boarding. Free diving is quite popular on this beach, so take it easy, swim quickly, and return to the shore with your beach umbrella.

9. Mesmerize with the Beauty of Dark View Waterfall

Mesmerize with the Beauty of Dark View Waterfall

After enjoying the fifteen-minute hike, visit the beautiful treasure of Dark View Waterfall at St. Vincent. You’ll be mesmerized by the land that looks like a complete paradise. There is a bridge on Richmond River that gives you an experience of trekking along bamboo grove. It seems a perfect outdoor experience, but to reach another luscious waterfall, you have to do a short hike.

Where the waterfall falls, you can enjoy the relaxed environment full of flora and fauna as it looks like a setting of complete jungle. It feels like you have landed into another world full of wonders; capture these moments for a memorable experience.

10. Enjoy Coffee at the Blue Mountains of Jamaica

Enjoy Coffee at the Blue Mountains of Jamaica

You might have the idea that the blue mountains of Jamaica are famous for different flavors of coffee. So, which place is better to taste the different yet delicate flavors of coffee other than the place where it is grown? If you are interested in the production of coffee, take your time out and visit the coffee estates in Jamaica. For a better option, head towards Mavis Bank Coffee Factory, the largest coffee company in Jamaica.

The roads toward the blue mountains are tricky, but their views are breathtaking, and the way seems interesting, too. Adding these blue mountains to your bucket list of Caribbean might divert you from the beaches and sands. But this experience will be worthwhile, especially for coffee lovers.

11. Whale Watching at Samana Peninsula

Whale Watching at Samana Peninsula

Dominican Republic’s Samaná Bay has been considered a whale breeding ground for centuries, and thousands of humpback whales travel towards this bay. You’ll witness the return of whales after nine months of feeding. Try to come between the middle of January and late March, as it is the best time to witness the majestic creatures of whales.

Besides, you can book a private yacht if you want a more personalized experience. You’ll experience that these luxury yachts have much more to offer you. After spotting whales on Samanah Bay, you should cruise on the Los Haitises National Park for the mesmerizing rainforest experience.

12. Try the Yummy Jerk Chicken

Try the Yummy Jerk Chicken

You’ll find fantastic pork and jerk chicken in Jamaica, and after tasting it once, you’ll get to know why this combination is so famous. Its special spices and method of cooking make it world famous.

On Jamaica’s northern coast, a village named Falmouth offers the best pork and jerk chicken on the Caribbean Island. The perfect blend of spicy and sweet jerk chicken with the iconic Caribbean culture and a beer of your choice will make your Caribbean experience unforgettable.

13. River Tubing at Layou River

River Tubing at Layou River

Dominica is full of beautiful sceneries where you can enjoy floating through tubing down the Layou River. While enjoying this journey, you’ll learn why Dominica is considered the most beautiful island in the Caribbean.

While navigating this tropical paradise, you can experience a peaceful journey at some river sections. Also, there are some places where you can feel the excitement of light rapids. This beautiful journey is full of flora and fauna, including sun pipers and kingfishers that make the way magical.

14. Relax on Grand Case Beach

Relax on Grand Case Beach

Grand Case Beach is the beauty you find on the island of St. Maarten, and the shores are not crowded here. You can relax here and enjoy your leisure time to the fullest. You can even swim in pristine azure water, making this experience memorable.

You can spot various sea shells and glass on the clear shore of Grand Case Beach and enjoy the view of the neighboring island of Anguilla. If you feel thirsty or want to enjoy delicious drinks, don’t worry some bars and cafes offer delicious drinks. The island of St. Marten is the best place for enjoying the beauty of sunset and enchanting scenes of nature.

15. Visit the Te Amo Beach

Visit the Te Amo Beach

If you want to see the most romantic and ideal place in the Caribbean, consider Te Amo Beach in Bonaire. Here, you can relax on powdery white sand and enjoy the crystal clear water of the sea with the sun’s warmth.

You can enjoy the most transparent water of the Caribbean here at this beach and go snorkeling to see the different species of fish. The exotic feeling of swimming offshore gives you a fantastic feeling where you can enjoy the views of blanket fish, parrot fish, and more.

16. A Trip to Dunns River Falls

A Trip to Dunns River Falls

In Jamaica, the Dunns River Falls and parks are considered the most famous places, and it’s usually busy as it’s the tourist attraction in Jamaica. Still, you need to consider it if you are looking for the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

When you climb the fall of 150-meter height, it makes it a lifelong memory; the water cascades at different pools making it a complete scenery. No matter, whether you are traveling on your yacht or you have booked a luxury Jamaican yacht, don’t forget to add the Dunns River Falls while visiting this beautiful country.

Summing Up

Get ready for a tropical escape and enjoy your journey to the fantastic Caribbean places. For the best experience, hire a luxury cruise, and you won’t forget this journey for the long term. Either enjoy the clear beaches or enjoy hiking along with beautiful scenery. You can even avail the opportunity of hiking and enjoying the delicious cuisines with exotic drinks along the beach.

Caribbean islands have everything for every traveler to enjoy their journey to the fullest and make it a lifelong memory. If you plan your trip to the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, keep this list of activities handy for a fantastic experience.