Top 10 Pakistani Hockey Players Of All The Time


Field hockey is popular in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina, and is played on natural grass or artificial turf. The International Hockey Federation is in charge of the sport (FIH). Field hockey is an Olympic sport that has produced some of the best players in the world. The top ten field hockey players of all time will be included in this list.

  1. Rasool, Akhtar:

Rasool was a great center half who was a creative genius when it came to ball retrieval and distribution on the field. Depending on the game scenario, he could pass the ball to the appropriate place. At a crucial moment, he had a game presence. He was awarded the highest civilian honor by the Pakistani government, “Pride of Performance,” for winning gold and silver in the Olympics and three gold and one silver at the World Cup.

  1. Khan, Hanif:

Hanif Khan, along with Akhtar Rasool and his teammates, was a member of a team that won two gold medals each in the World Cup and Asian Games, as well as a bronze and gold medal at the Olympics.

  1. Hasan Sardar :

Sardar is most recognized for his hat-trick against India in the 1982 Asian Games final. He is regarded as one of the top center forwards in the game. His 11 goals in the 1982 World Cup not only led Pakistan to victory, but also earned him the tournament’s man of the match title. Hasan Sardar guided his team to a gold medal over West Germany in the finals of the Los Angeles Olympics two years later.

  1. Kamran Ashraf: 

Kamran Ashraf was a center striker with a lot of talent and a lot of consistency. Kamran Ashraf attended the Habib public school, which has produced many excellent swimmers, cricketers, and other athletes. Ashraf, an Olympian in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, has 129 goals in 166 international appearances for Pakistan.

  1. Mansoor Ahmed

Mansoor Ahmed is a true Pakistani and international hockey legend. Narrating tales of athletes like Mansoor Ahmed is one of the most difficult difficulties I’ve ever faced. He was a three-time Olympian and a specialist glove man who played in 338 international games for Pakistan. Mansoor Ahmed is an unique goalie who has been named the best goalkeeper in four separate tournaments by the FIH. Mansoor Ahmed earned 12 gold, 12 silver, and 8 bronze medals for Pakistan in international hockey during his successful career, which spanned 1986 to 2000. Mansoor Ahmed was a well-known social activist who served as an ambassador for organizations such as “Athlete Ambassador” and “Right to Play” while he wasn’t playing hockey.

  1. Manzoor Hussain Jr.:

Manzoor, who was known for his excellent stickwork, could easily go past 5-6 defenders in a single pass. In 175 international appearances for Pakistan, he scored 86 goals and was a member of the team that won two gold medals at the Champions Trophy, two gold medals at the Asian Games, a gold medal at the Asia Cup, two gold medals and a silver medal at the World Cup, and a bronze medal and a gold medal at the Olympics. Manzoor Hussain Jr was the captain of the Pakistani Olympic team that won gold in Los Angeles in 1984.

  1. Shabaz Ahmed Sr.:

 Shabaz was a hockey expert. In the open middle space, he had a good demeanor. He would physically draw the defenders in while aiding his teammates, and he is physically capable of holding the ball under his stick while calmly waiting for his colleague to finish the formalities of scoring a goal. He was also skilled at passing the ball with a reverse back swing stroke, gracefully flicking the ball off the ground or even over an opponent’s stick to provide a crucial scoring opportunity.

  1. Tanvir Dar:

Tanvir was a fantastic right defender who was well-known for his penalty-kicking abilities. He has 43 goals in 80 international appearances for his country. In the final part of the 1960s, he had his greatest success, winning Olympic gold in Mexico in 1968 and Asian Games gold in Bangkok in 1970. Tanvir Dar Hockey Academy was founded by him and his elder brother, Munir Dar, who is a three-time Olympic medalist.

  1. Sohail Abbas:

Known as the team’s creative brain, Sohail Abbas had a higher drag-flick conversion rate than many famous players. He was a part of the Pakistani squad that won three silvers at the Asia Cup, one silver and three bronze at the Champions Trophy, two golds and two bronze at the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, and one gold and one bronze in the Asian Games. He’s known as “the type of drag-flick” since he’s the only player with 21 international hat tricks and the most goals in a calendar year (60). His achievements do not end here. Sohail Abbas is the fastest player in international hockey history to achieve 100 and 200 goals. He is also Pakistan’s highest goal scorer in the Champions Trophy and the Olympics.

  1. Sheikh Shahnaz:

In his prime, “the marauder on the left” was noted for his spectacular rushes into the D. He was a ‘inner’ to the flying horse they named Saimullah Khan for the most of his career. Shahnaz was a member of the Pakistan squad that won three gold medals at the Asian Games, two gold medals and a silver medal in the World Cup, and bronze and silver medals at the Olympics.